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macbook pro chargers

9 Best MacBook Pro Chargers

What kind of charger does a MacBook Pro use? This article will review some of the best MacBook Pro chargers on the market. This laptop has many different chargers, and we’ll help you find one that best suits your needs. Our best MacBook Pro adapters include the Apple (85W) MagSafe, Anker, and Nekteck (60W) USB C

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samsung watch charger

9 Best Samsung Watch Chargers

A Samsung watch charger is an essential accessory for any Galaxy watch owner. If you have a Samsung Galaxy 4 or other models, it’s critical to find the best Samsung watch charger for your needs. Here’s a  curated list of the 10 best Samsung Galaxy watch chargers available on Amazon today. And our top-ranked devices for your watch are the KARTICE,

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sonos roam wireless charger

The Best Sonos Roam Charger and Wireless Charger

Best Roam Chargers for Sonos Play:5 — What is a Sonos Roam Charger? A roam charger is your best friend when you have a Sonos One in your home. It helps you listen to your favorite jams wherever you go. You can charge your SONOS PLAY:5 speakers while you travel, too. Here’s a list of the best roam chargers for

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jbl speaker charger

11 Best JBL Speaker Chargers

What do you need to keep your speakers running optimally all the time? Whether you play music or enjoy gaming sessions, having good speakers for your setup is an absolute necessity. That’s why it’s crucial to have a good JBL speaker charger on hand. A speaker that runs out of juice during a critical event can be disappointing. Luckily, we’ve

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ipad mini charger

7 Best iPad Mini Chargers

As with almost all devices, you need a way to charge your iPad Mini. Luckily, there are quite a few options for doing so, from wall chargers to portable battery packs. However, finding the best one can be challenging. This article will help you find the perfect iPad mini charger. And this includes the three top chargers we

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18w usb c power adapters

8 Best 18W USB C Power Adapters

With more and more new USB-C compatible devices coming onto the market, you need to invest in an 18W USB C power adapter. It’s perfect for your new smartphone, tablet, laptop, DACs, camera, and many other devices. USB-C is the future of charging and connectivity, but not everyone has access to it yet. And to help you make the

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chargers for ipad air

9 Best Chargers for iPad Air

What are the best chargers for iPad Air? After a careful investigation of many iPad Air chargers, we settled on the following devices: the Duloch 20W, the IFEART 30W, and the PowerLot 65W wall chargers.  OUR TOP PICK Duloch 20W Fast Charger CHECK PRICE EDITORS CHOICE IFEART 30W USB C Charger CHECK PRICE BEST VALUE

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6 of The Best Apple Watch Charger Alternatives

6 of The Best Apple Watch Charger Alternatives

For many Apple Watch owners, these little devices are more than just a tech fashion statement; they’re a lifeline.With the whole world on your wrist, the last thing you need is for your charger to give out, ESPECIALLY when you remember how expensive those genuine Apple replacements are.The cost is enough to make your eyes

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Some Of The Best Chromebook Chargers And Charging Alternatives

The Best Chromebook Chargers Alternatives for Most Chromebooks

Chromebooks are some of the most portable, easy to use, secure, and speedy laptops out there, not to mention affordable.  They’re chargers are just as good too. But don’t you find that the chargers are so easy to lose?It’s like if you put it down in the wrong place then  poof! It’s gone, and you

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Is Playing While Charging Bad

Is Playing While Charging Bad?

Smartphones are a great invention, giving you the power of a supercomputer in the palm of your hand. But, despite using your phone every minute, it sometimes slips your mind that it needs charging, and it hits you when it’s almost shutting down. This can cause some anxiety, especially when watching a great video or

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is charging phone in car bad

Is Charging Phone in Car Bad?

There’s a variety of phone accessories explicitly designed for use in cars. Today, technology is putting everything right in your hand, from phone holders to power cables and chargers. Vehicles are also being designed to provide greater efficiency when charging, with the latest models providing multiple charging ports. But the question is, is charging phone in

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is charging to 100 bad 1

Is Charging to 100 Bad? 

The concept of battery charging may seem easy, but there are some complexities that determine whether your battery life will stand the test of time. One question people often ask is “is charging to 100 bad?” Well, it depends. Read on to understand this and more concepts about battery charging. In a nutshell, it’s okay

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is charging your phone overnight bad

Is Charging Your Phone Overnight Bad?  

Plugging your phone in before retiring to bed is a norm most people have adopted. It’s easier for your phone to charge with minimal disturbance, and the battery is fully charged in the morning, ready for the day. But is charging your phone overnight bad or good? Charging your phone overnight is convenient. However, it’s not a good

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how to reset power bank

How To Reset Power Bank In 3 Simple Methods

So you want to know how to reset a power bank. In this blog, you’ll learn the three most straightforward rebooting techniques. Let’s get started. Why You Should Reset Your Power Bank Your power bank is a handy and powerful device that stores the power to charge your electronic gadgets. You can power it with an electric outlet or

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does cable length affect charging speed

Does Cable Length Affect Charging Speed? Learn the Calculation.

One of the most common questions is whether the cable length affects charging speed. In this article, we will answer this question and provide some other tips on how to charge your device faster. Let’s summarise the main points: The length of the cable can affect the charging speed. The longer the cable, the more

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macbook charging on hold

MacBook Charging On Hold? Here’s Why and What To Do About It

Are you worried about the MacBook Charging on Hold (Rarely Used on Battery) or the Battery on Hold feature? No need to panic. It’s an option on the macOS Big Sur that saves battery life by reducing the power that goes to your laptop. This article will show how this new macOS Big Sur feature can help conserve

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battery trickle charge

What is Trickle Charge?

As much as charging your phone, tablet or laptop overnight seems convenient because the gadgets are charged fully by morning. However, this habit may be why your electronic devices can’t hold the charge longer. Trickle charge means your battery charges to total capacity, but it keeps charging at a rate equal to its self-discharge. According

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are wireless chargers safe

Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Technology is like a speeding train that goes 200 mph from one destination and only looks back once it has arrived at its destination to analyze the damage. Wireless charging technology is a concern to consumers nowadays as more information has been released that shows how little many big tech companies predict the possible dangers

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liquid detected in lightning connector

Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector: Super Easy Fixes

If you’ve ever experienced the dreaded “liquid detected” error message on the Lightning Connector of your iPhone, this is your lucky day. Here are some quick and easy fixes to get your device back up and running in no time. My iPhone says, “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector.” What does it mean? It’s an error

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how to fix a broken charger cord

How To Fix a Broken Charger Cord In 4 Simple Methods  

Your charging cord can be a source of misery. That’s because it can break, fray, and stop working at the worst possible moment. And this can be a frustrating experience. But the good news is that there are a few simple ways to fix a broken charger cord so it can work again. How To

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why do mac charger cord turn yellow

Mac Charger Cord Turns Yellow: Causes and Super Easy Fixes

Ever wondered why your Mac charger cord turns yellow and what to do about it? In this blog, you’ll get all your answers and the great solutions to keep your cable in its former glory. Yep, you heard right.  Here’s the thing. Why Do Mac Charger Cord Turn Yellow? You must be worried because you’re unsure

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ipod not charging

How To Fix An iPod Not Charging in 7 Effortless Methods

You want to play your favorite music on your iPod as you relax, cook your favorite food, or do what you love. But your device lets you down because it won’t charge. We feel you. It’s frustrating. So what can you do about an iPod not charging? Thanks to the following clever troubleshooting fixes, you can

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iphone gets hot while charging

iPhone Gets Hot While Charging? How To Fix the Problem

iPhone overheating is a common problem that many iPhone users like you face. It can be irritating and frustrating to deal with your phone getting too hot. This article will dive into why your device generates too much heat, knowing when it’s overheating, and how to prevent it. Why Your iPhone Gets Hot While Charging

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power bank not charging

Power Bank Not Charging? A review of Effective Troubleshooting Methods

It can be frustrating if lights are out, your phone runs out of juice, and your power bank can’t save the day. Power banks are designed to recharge your devices while you are on the move. They’re small and fun-sized for easy portability, but you can also purchase larger sizes with higher capacity. However, as

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iphone charging port not working 1

iPhone Charging Port Not Working: 11 Clever Ways To Fix It

Not sure why your phone is charging slowly? It might be time to check the charging port for debris. The problem could also be an issue with the phone charging cable. You might not notice it. But if your phone or the cable is slow at charging, it makes using your device a lot less enjoyable. Try these troubleshooting

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get water out of charging

How To Get Water Out Of Charging Port: 4 Super Easy Steps

It probably means you or someone you know has had water in charging port if you’re reading this.  With so many people using their phones anytime and anywhere, it’s easy to make a mistake and end up in the rain, at a pool, or some other wet location. To find out how to get water out

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Is Your Power Bank Blinking But Not Charging Here’s What To Do

Is Your Power Bank Blinking But Not Charging? Here’s What To Do

Power banks and portable chargers can be lifesavers for those on the go or who regularly go on long business trips. However, portable charger or power bank not charging, it can be extremely frustrating. A common problem reported by portable charger users is that their LED light indicators might blink in a different pattern than

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