100000mAh Power Banks: Real Or Fake?

Power banks are also known as portable chargers and they do exactly what they say on the tin. These small, solid, wireless batteries store energy that can be used to recharge smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices when you are out and about.

The portability of these power banks is key as they provide a boost of juice when there is no wall socket or alternative power outlet available. 

100000mAh Power Banks Real Or Fake

What Are The Benefits Of Power Banks?

As we come to rely more and more on smartphones and portable technology, the popularity and need for effective power banks is also increasing.

Our devices are becoming more advanced and powerful all the time, and we require power banks that are capable of topping up charge and keeping these devices running no matter where we are. 

Power banks can be carried in handbags and briefcases, and can even slip inside your coat pocket. They enable you to charge your phone as you move about, rather than having to stay plugged into a stationary socket whilst your device charges.

Since we are all working online and communicating through mobile technologies more and more, these clever power banks help to keep our work and personal lives running smoothly with fewer annoying dead battery moments!

What Is The Average Capacity Of Power Banks?

The energy storage capacity of power banks is measured in mAh (milliampere / hour). When they first came about, most power banks were capable of storing under 10000mAh, whereas these days most power banks hold closer to 20000mAh. 

A fully precharged 10000mAh power bank is able to fully recharge an iphone that has a dead battery. The length of time that a 10000mAh battery will last depends entirely on how much charge is being drawn from it by the device it is connected to.

For example, if a 10000mAh power bank is powering a 1mA device, then the bank will last around 10 hours. However, if the battery is being used on a 10,000mA device it will only last an hour.

Are 100000mAh Power Banks Real?

The high capacity power banks available these days can hold between 30000mAh and 70000mAh, which is enough to run laptops, Macbooks and other larger devices like digital cameras. 

These high capacity models are impressive, but as you can see, they are not capable of supporting 100000mAh. In fact, 100000mAh power banks do not really exist in commercial circulation yet, although it is only a matter of time before they will.

As the market for faster, longer lasting, more advanced and reliable technology grows, so does the demand for portable power banks that can support them and keep them running.

Are 100000mAh Power Banks Fake?

Unfortunately, there seem to be a growing number of internet scams surrounding 100000mAh power banks. 

This is because mercenary fraudsters are aware of the desirable nature of these mythical power banks and are preying on unsavvy consumers who will be allured by the idea of such a marvellous product. 

A simple google search for 100000mAh power banks will bring up a host of adverts on legitimate online marketplace sites like Ebay and Amazon for these products which look incredibly convincing and (more importantly) enticing!

Unwitting customers are being drawn in to buying these items and then finding out subsequently that they have fallen foul of a scam, as the capacity is usually a tenth of that advertised. 

This is leaving people highly disappointed and angry at having spent their money on a false product. It is important that trusted e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay should take down these fake offers from their platforms, especially when they are so easy to spot!

How To Tell That A 100000mAh Power Bank Is Fake


If it looks too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true! Any 100000mAh power bank that is being sold at a very cheap price tag is obviously unreliable.

On Ebay and Amazon there have been recent examples of 100000mAh power banks being sold for $20. This is below the average price for a 10000mAh charger and is therefore highly likely to be fake. 


100000mAh power banks are not readily available for commercial use yet, so if you see one advertised you should immediately be suspicious. 70000mAh tends to be the maximum capacity available today. You are far better off spending more on a 70000mAh power bank than spending very little on a fake 100000mAh model.


By scrolling down to the Customer Reviews section beneath the product you will be able to see how many 1 and 2 star ratings the product has received. In the case of these fake 100000mAh power banks, it tends to be pretty high! 


Here you can also read the comments left by disappointed and frustrated buyers – many of whom explain how the portable chargers actually had closer to 10000mAh capacity!

Those who thought they would be able to run their laptop for a week have actually only been able to charge their iphone for a day – and this makes a lot of sense when you take the price tag into account.

How Much Would An Actual 100000mAh Power Bank Cost?

It is clear that any 100000mAh power banks you find online must be scams once you look at the average price tag for a 70000mAh version. Let’s take the Renogy 72000mAh 266Wh 12v Power Bank as an example.

This large power bank is able to charge laptops, tablets, phones, lanterns, fans, cameras, mini fridges and even drones! It has a maximum power delivery of 60 watts and can fast charge two devices simultaneously, and standard charge 5 devices at once!

It supports solar panels and can be recharged in a greener way, as well as having 2 USB ports for plug in recharge. So, as you can see, this product has a huge capacity, fast charging abilities and lots of connectivity. It is priced at around $160.

This is clearly much more expensive than the average price of a 10000mAh, which is around $20.

Bearing all this in mind, it becomes clear that a 100000mAh power bank would currently cost no less than $200, particularly considering the newness of the technology. If you see a product for any less than $200 then you can be certain that it is fake.

What Alternative Options Are Available?

As 100000mAh power banks are virtually impossible to come by, you are better off looking for portable power generators instead. If you need a powerful, long lasting energy source that can be transported easily and does not require a plug socket, then these are a great option.

The Anker Portable Power Station has a whopping capacity of 108000mAh! It has the capacity to power fridges, laptops, wifi routers, power drills and much more and can keep going for days and even weeks before it needs to be recharged!

However, this product does come at a premium price. It is also far heavier and more bulky than a slimline power bank and therefore is less convenient and easy to carry about.

Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, a power generator like this may be the product for you.

What Is The Real Capacity Of A 100000mAh Power Bank?

As with all power banks, 100000mAh models will actually have only around 80% of the energy capacity advertised. This is not considered to be false or fraudulent because it is not the fault of the manufacturers that the power banks perform below capacity.

It is in fact the result of inevitable current leakages and the inefficiency of the technology. Some energy is always lost in the process of charging and therefore a 100000mAh charger will have a real capacity of closer to 80000mAh.

This 20% shortfall is insignificant when compared to the 90% shortfall of the fake products being sold on Amazon and Ebay. If you know that you require 100000mAh of energy then your best bet is to buy a 125000mAh power generator and factor in the wastage.

What Is The Future For Power Banks?

Power banks are set to become more long lasting, high capacity, fast charging and powerful as new technologies emerge.

Thanks to quantum glass batteries (not yet in circulation), power banks will be able to be made smaller so that they are less bulky and cumbersome to carry around.

Graphene is also an exciting new development that is enabling faster, slimmer and higher capacity power banks to be created thanks to its 1-atom-thick carbon make-up.

And Gallium Nitrate is another technology that looks set to revolutionize the power bank industry so that smaller models can store more energy for longer!

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