Best Fast Chargers For Ipad Pro

With the range of Apple products ever growing there is no surprise that there is a demand for fast chargers. Luckily where there is demand there is also supply. With the advancement of technology there are now plenty of fast chargers that are available on the market.

Some are better suited than others and come with plenty of handy features to ensure that they are safe for use as well as supplying you with the quickest charge available. The benefit of a fast charger is immeasurable.

To put it into words, it will mean that the portability of your device can be achieved at a much quicker rate than using a standard charger. 

Like mentioned there are lots of different chargers to choose from so you are spoilt for choice really when it comes time to make your decision on the best charger for you. 

We will provide a list of the best fast chargers that are available for an Ipad pro below with all of the relevant information for each individual one so you know you’ll have enough information when making your final decision for yourself instead of purchasing one that doesn’t meet your requirements. If you are looking for best chargers for iPad Air, read this..


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This product is a fast-charging block that is suitable for your Ipad Pro.

The HHMM 20W iPad charging block and charging cable both come with smart chips and this means you can charge your iPad Pro 12.9/11 up to 3 times faster than using a standard USB charger, this will significantly reduce charging time. 

The product is also silent and stable and uses PD 3.0 charging technology. It has an efficient energy conversion and has protective functions built-in which will help to avoid overcharging and stop it from reaching those dangerous and high temperatures. 

The outer shell of the charging block is made of fireproof materials which have been tested to ensure quality and this will give you peace of mind when leaving your iPad charging in another room or overnight.

It is also an incredibly adaptable product and works with other popular USB-C mobile phones such as the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy products, and other iPads such as the iPad Air 4.

The company has over 9 years of professional development experience so you are guaranteed to get a durable, long-lasting, and tested product that charges your iPad pro in no time.


  • Very fast charging rate
  • Safe to use with functions to avoid overheating and overcharging
  • Adaptable with different devices
  • Durable and built to last


  • Can be tough to take out iPad charging port


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This product as well as offering an extremely fast charge which is incredibly important but it is also compatible with lots of different products, including the Ipad Pro.

What is great about this product is that when the battery has reached its full charge to avoid any issues with overheating it will immediately stop charging the device.

It is an incredibly safe product to use and is protected against over currents and like mentioned overheating.  This really is a great product for charging your devices as quickly and safely as possible.

It is also an incredibly durable product that is, anti stain, anti drop and scratch resistant. These are very important features as it will ensure that it will not become damaged over time like so many chargers do.


  • Very fast charging rate
  • Very safe to use
  • Incredibly durable.


  • Unlike the last product, you can only charge one item at a time.


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Again this is another device that is highly compatible and can be used with a range of different products. It actually provides 8 hours of playtime from only 15 minutes of charging which is an incredibly high charging rate.

It offers temperature control to ensure that it will not overheat when charging your device and is also protected from high voltage. These alone can ensure that you can feel safe when charging your Ipad Pro overnight.

It is also an extremely compact design that will ensure that when the plug is plugged into a power supply it won’t be a big block on your wall.

The fact that it is an extremely compact design also ensures that it will save space when packing to go on a trip or over to a friends house.


  • Very fast charging capabilities.
  • Very safe to use.
  • Compact design


  • Will need to be plugged into a power supply as it is not portable.


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Another extremely fast charger is the Globalink sast charger, It again is available for use amongst a range of products. It will ensure that your device has reached a full charge in 2 hours and 16 minutes to be exact. 

Like mentioned it is compatible with a range of different products from plenty of different companies which can ensure that your devices will be charged regardless of the product manufacturer.

It is again an extremely compact design which can ensure that it is a space saver and won’t take up too much room when you need to pack for travelling purposes.

It will also stop charging when the device has reached its full charge to ensure that it doesn’t overheat.


  • Extremely fast charge
  • Very safe product
  • Compatible with a wide variety of products.


  • Will need to be plugged into a power source.


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The Quntis 30W USB C fast charger will ensure that your device is charged at an extremely quick rate. 2 hours and 15 minutes in fact.

This will allow you to have even more playtime than before as you will be able to freely walk about with your Ipad Pro once it has reached its full charge.

Like the previously stated chargers it is also compatible with lots of different devices and will provide them with the same level of extreme fast charging that you desire. It is also an extremely compact design.

It also has built in overheating protection as well as protection from short circuit damage, this means you can rest assured that your Ipad Pro can maintain an extremely fast charge without any dangers that could perhaps cause a fire or other serious damage.


  • Very fast charge
  • Safe to use
  • Compatible with lots of devices.


  • Been known to have issues after a few months of usage.


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This specific charger will reach a full charge in 3 hours which admittedly is not as quickly as some of the previously mentioned products.

It is still a very fast charge. It is also extremely compatible with lots of different Apple products as well as products made by other manufacturers.

It is also an extremely safe product to use, that has protection against overheating and also over voltage protection.

This type of protection is extremely important as of the dangers that come with electrical appliances. This will ensure that those issues are a thing of the past, just like your old slow chargers.

It also has the capabilities of charging more than one device at once, which may take away from the speed of the overall charge it is nice to have a charging port that can charge more than one product as it can just make your life a lot easier which after all is what all of us want at the end of the day.

The fast charge will not be impacted by the fact that you are charging more than one item at a time also.


  • Compatible with lots of different devices
  • Very safe to use
  • Multi charging functionality


  • Still has a fast charging rate at 3 hours but isn’t as fast as some of the others on this list.

Buyers Guide


With any electrical appliance you will need to ensure that it is first and foremost safe to use. Luckily all of the above stated products are incredibly safe to use and have features such as protection from overheating or Short circuit protection.

Realistically speaking you will need to ensure that the product you select fits those requirements to ensure that they are safe to use.

Before making your final decision be sure that you are 100% confident that the product will have no issues in regards to being safe as with electrical appliances it really can be a life or death situation, especially overnight when the charger doesn’t have any of your attention to ensure you can deal with the issues that it may present.

Best Fast Chargers For Ipad Pro


Another thing that is extremely important when determining if the product is right for you is if it is a durable product. That means that it is anti scratch anti drop and anti stain.

The reason for this is to ensure that the components on the inside of the product won’t be damaged if you have unfortunately dropped it. If they become damaged the overall integrity of the product is compromised causing its ability to falter.

If the internal components are damaged from being dropped it can often mean the end of the products life span so it is important that the device remains in its best condition.

This will mean that a durable product should sit close to the top of your list of priorities when selecting a product that is best suited to you and your needs.

Fast Charge

This is the most important factor to consider other than health and safety. The reason that a fast charge is so important is that it will ensure that you can maximise the play time that you have with the device.

If a device takes an incredibly long time to charge you are compromising the maximum usage that you can get from the product.

I mean sure you can use the device while it is charging but you do run a few risks at that point because that can actually damage the health of the battery so it is always best to leave the device charging so that it will not damage the internal battery.

All of the above chargers are extremely fast chargers so you won’t have any issues when selecting the one that is best suited to you.

Some may charge faster but others may charge two devices at the same time, maybe that is something that you should consider rather than just looking for the fastest charger, afterall the charge will still be fast but it will just be slightly hindered because of it.


Although this is not majorly important it is useful to have a device that is compatible with lots of different devices so that you don’t have to own lots of different chargers.

With the rate that technology is increasing it is only a matter of time that every household has at least 8 devices that will need charging at any given time. So for that reason alone you may as well look for chargers that are suitable for lots of different devices and work perfectly for them.

Like mentioned this isn’t the most important aspect but it is still something to consider if you know that you are part of a household with lots of different devices from different manufacturers. 

Compact Design

The compact design of a product is again left for you to decide how important it actually is, that being said a more compact design can be a great space saver when packing to go on work trips or any type of travelling that you are going to be doing.

Compact designs will also ensure that the product itself doesn’t take up lots of room when it is plugged in. Personally it can be very frustrating when the plug of a device takes up the space for two different power slots.

Like mentioned this is left for you the user to decide how important it is but there are plenty of positives for a more compact design rather than a design that is much bigger that can take up more space that is actually required.

Multi Function

Again this is left up to you to decide on how important it is when deciding if the charger is the right one for you. The reason for this is because it will be able to charge two products at once, which may hinder the fast charging capabilities.

It is still a very good feature for a product to offer you this. Like mentioned this is for you to decide the overall importance of but it will make your life a lot easier and definitely something that you should consider when making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can The Products Charge A Device?

Due to the fast charging capabilities the chargers that are mentioned above will be able to charge your device to a full charge in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

In fact the slowest charger on the list above will be able to charge your device in 3 hours which again is still an incredibly quick charging rate. It is important to consider this when deciding which is the best charger for you. 

Is Durability That Important?

Durability is an incredibly important feature of the chargers that are selected above.

The reason for this is because you would like your charger to last for an incredibly long time and to be able to resist things such as being dropped which can damage the internal components of the product.

What Is The Point Of A Compact Design?

The reason that a compact design can be important to some people is that it will be a great space saver for people who travel a lot and find that they need to pack their chargers often. It also fixes the issue of when you plug something in that may take up space for two.

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