Best Fast Chargers For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo took the gaming industry by storm when they originally released their Switch device. It had an ability to stream through to your TV, and could even break away into a controller when it was being streamed through the TV.

It had an extensive catalogue of games from the get go which attracted users who wanted to play the most recent release of Zelda, a Nintendo classic. 

That being said, unlike a console that needs a constant power supply to work, with a switch it will just need to be charged. There are plenty of benefits of using something like a Switch as your gaming device.

It is obviously a very portable device which means you can take it almost anywhere to go and play a game on.

Your intended form of usage will impact what type of charger that you want to use for your Nintendo Switch, whether it be a portable power bank or a more standard form of charging like a USB-C cable.

One of the most important things when choosing your charger is if it is a fast charger or a charger that will take a little longer to reach a full charge.

Realistically you want to be using a USB-C PD over regular USB-C as it will charge your device at a fast rate allowing you to be able to play on it for longer.

Luckily for you we’ve created a list of the best fast chargers for a Nintendo Switch so all the leg work is done for you when determining which one is right for you.


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Obviously the official Nintendo Switch charger is one of the best fast chargers on the market and you know for a fact that it is suited for use with the Nintendo Switch.

It is a very reliable charger made with high quality which will come as no surprise as it is the official  charger.

It is also the exact same plug as the original charger that will come with the Nintendo Switch when you purchase it at first, so there will be no need for any added adapters to make it fit your device. 

You can be at ease with this product ensuring that it will reach its full charge at an incredibly quick rate.

To put it into context, if your original charger has broken then the most logical choice is the official Nintendo Switch adapter, because like mentioned before you are paying for the quality and reliability of an officially licensed charger.


  • Like for like replacement of the original charger.
  • High quality product.
  • Very reliable product.


  • On the expensive side of things.


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Staying on course with official Nintendo products here we have the charging cradle. The Cradle will allow the user to fully charge their Switch device while still playing any game that their heart desires. 

In fact that is one of the main purposes of the stand cradle, it will ensure that your Switch will stand upright giving you a good angle of the screen to continue playing, but if you find that the angle isn’t right for you then not to worry because it is also an incredibly easily adjustable product too. You just need to make sure that a plug socket isn’t far away.

Being able to charge while playing and adjust the angle will stop any irritating reflections caused by light. It will also be secure to avoid any damage from occurring.


  • An official Nintendo product.
  • It will charge the device while you still play.
  • Very adjustable.


  • Will not work for any other device.


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This product is suitable for NS Switch, as well as Switch OLED, Switch Lite, pro controller and other Type-C devices.

If you are searching for a reliable charger that will charge your nintendo switch in half the time, this 15V 2.6A safe high-speed charger might be your best bet.

This charger also  supports TV mode and the charging dock allows you to dock your switch so you can play on your TV. 

It is also great if you are constantly on the move as the adapter is a perfect Switch or Switch OLED accessory.

You can keep playing whilst charging which means the fun never ends and since it its so small and portable, you can easily pop it in your handbag whilst you are on the move and not using it. 

The charging cord is 5.9 feet and has passed certifications for safety with the Nintendo Switch. It also provides short-circuit protection and doesn’t allow the switch to overheat. This makes it a reliable and durable product.


  • Portable
  • Fast charging
  • Supports TV mode and you can play whilst it charges
  • Safe to use


  • Larger than some other models


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This easy to use charge is compatible with the Nintendo Switch dock station, Nintendo Switch and pro controller.

Once plugged in, you can power your system from a 100 - 240 volt outlet with a 5ft power supply cord making it a great little charger to take with you on the go.

It can charge the switch in a speedy 3 hours in its case and ensures the your device is powered up whilst playing in docked or handheld mouse.

It can also support TV mode and as well as handheld mode. The charger supports the NC 5.0 System and if you hate to turn off and unplug each time you want to charge the Switch whilst not at your dock, this adapter is a great additional charger for your console.

Overall, it is a safe and reliable charger which has been professionally manufactured and has short circuit protections as well as overload and overcurrent protection.

It is only compatible with the switch console and will not work with the switch lite console.


  • Fast charging
  • Supports TV mode and handheld mode
  • Safe to use
  • Reliable


  • Only compatible with the switch console and will not work with the switch lite console


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Moving on to more portable chargers you can’t go wrong with the Anker PowerCore 26800mAh. The portable nature of this device will ensure that you can take your switch wherever you would like while still charging the device.

This will allow you to take the device over to your friends house or on a long car journey. 

It is also an incredibly fast charging device ensuring that your device will reach its full charge at an incredibly quick rate. It is also compatible with other devices, so for example whilst you are charging your Nintendo Switch you can also charge your mobile device. 

What is so good about this device is that its battery life is incredibly impressive, ensuring that you can fully charge your device multiple times before the device will need recharging at all.


  • Portable
  • Fast charge
  • Will charge devices multiple times before it needs recharging itself.


  • On the expensive side.


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Another portable power bank that will ensure that your Nintendo Switch can charge on the road with you or at your friends house. The portable charger will provide you with a full ten hours of extra play time before losing life itself.

It is also fitted with over voltage and over heat protection so you can ensure that the device is safe to use when you are asleep or if you have left the device to charge while you are out.

A great feature of this portable charging device is that it can clip to the back of your nintendo switch ensuring that it won’t be dangling about while you are playing it.  This is again helpful while you are travelling.

It is also an incredibly lightweight device making sure that you don’t feel like it is very heavy when you are playing. 

Due to its ability to be mounted on the back of the device while charging so that you can still play and being an incredibly lightweight device you really can’t go wrong with making this your Nintendo Switch charger.


  • Back mount to attach to the console.
  • Extra play of up to 10 hours.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Although it can attach to the back of the device, it is quite a big product.


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Anker is known for its high quality products and that is no different for the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD. 

It is an extremely durable product ensuring that you can take it on long journeys and if it gets dropped it won’t easily damage. It is also fitted with an LED light to indicate how much battery the device has left.

It is capable of fully charging your Nintendo Switch multiple times before it will need recharging itself. This will add multiple hours of game time for you. It is also a portable charger which fits in perfectly with the portable nature of the Switch.

If you are a person who loves to travel regularly and bring your Switch along with you, with its durable nature you really can’t go wrong with this product made by Anker.

As mentioned Anker is an incredibly well respected company in the tech industry so you can rest assured that the product is of great quality.


  • Portable
  • Very long battery life
  • Very durable product


  • Quite expensive.


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Again this another brilliant charger for your Nintendo Switch. It is capable of a fast charge ensuring that you can reach the full level of battery life in 2.5 hours which is very impressive.

It also has an extremely long cable in 6ft which will ensure that you don’t have to be sat directly next to a plug socket to play on the device, due to it being so long it will also provide you with some ability to move around although not as much as a portable charger for obvious reasons. 

It will also fit for any type C which means that it can be used with a range of different devices and won’t be specific to just your Nintendo Switch. This is a great feature as it allows more of a universal feel to it. 

It is also incredibly safe to use as it is fitted with over voltage protection and short circuit protection too.

This will allow you to feel safe when using this product overnight or if you have perhaps stepped out while the device is still charging. You rest assured that the device is charging in great hands.


  • Compatible with lots of Type C devices
  • Very quick charging rate, reaching full charge in 2.5 hours
  • Very safe to use.


  • Although being a very long cable the product is not portable and will need to be plugged into a power supply.


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Once again this charger is extremely compatible with lots of different devices, including the Nintendo Switch. It will also support TV mode ensuring that while you charge it you can in fact still play games on the device. 

It is also capable of providing a very fast charge being able to fully charge your Nintendo Switch device in 2.5 hours. This charger can also be used when the Switch is docked so once again this ensures that the device can be used while it is charging.

It is also protected from short circuits and overheating which will ensure yours and your devices safety when charging, this means that you can leave the device for a few hours and won’t have to worry about any unwanted issues from occurring.

The device is also incredibly reliable.


  • Fast charging capabilities.
  • Very safe device.
  • Can be used while Nintendo is in TV mode or in fact docked.


  • Not a portable charger as it will have to be plugged into a power source charge.

Buyers Guide

Fast Charge

A fast charge is obviously why you are here. That is incredibly understandable, there is nothing more annoying than wanting to play on a device and it seems to be taking forever to go up one single percentile.

This issue is slowly becoming an issue of the past with the advancement of technology. Luckily many of the above stated products offer an incredibly fast charger, stating that it will only take 2.5 hours to reach a full charge.

This is an incredibly quick time and will ensure that you are back to playing on your device at an incredibly quick rate.

You may worry that offering such a quick rate of charge may cause safety issues but that isn’t the case, all of the above products are incredibly safe to use and have built in protections to stop this from happening.

Ensure that the product you are looking at purchasing is capable of fast charge to maximise your game time, which lets be honest that’s all any of us want to do anyway.

Best Fast Chargers For Nintendo Switch


Like mentioned above you will need to ensure that the product you select is incredibly safe and protects against common issues such as protection against overheating or protection against short circuits.

Just to name a few. The above stated products are all incredibly safe to use and have the relevant safety requirements to ensure that you, the user, can feel as safe as possible while using the charger that they select.

As mentioned the above products are all incredibly safe and have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they are that.

This is one of the most important features of any electrical device as they can be dangerous if they are crafted poorly and perhaps have loose fitting electrical components. 


Many of the above listed products are portable devices. The benefit of this is unmatched. The nature of the Switch itself is that you can play it wherever you are in the world, whether that be at a friend's house or in the middle of a big park on a sunny day.

For that reason the best recommendation is to use a portable charger to fit the Switches portable nature.

The above stated products that are portable will be able to charge your device multiple times to a full level before the device itself needs recharging, for that reason alone you should consider a portable charger for your Nintendo Switch as the benefits really are unmatched.

They also offer an incredibly fast charging rate too.


Obviously it is not essential that the device you choose has to be compatible with any device other than the Nintendo Switch. However, it is very useful to have a device that can charge multiple devices and is not specific to just one device, the reason for this is simple.

It's incredibly helpful rather than having multiple chargers for different devices. Like mentioned this is not essential but definitely something you should consider if you know that you are going to be using a range of different products.

Lets face it, there is nothing more annoying than having multiple wires hanging about from all different sorts of plug sockets especially when you can just get away with having one that can charge a range of different devices.

It also might be a good idea to select a device that has the capabilities of charging multiple devices at one time because like stated earlier it just makes your life a lot easier than having different power sources to charge your devices.

If Device Can Still Be Used While Charging

One of the best features of a Nintendo Switch is its ability to stream games through your television so you can play them on your big screen instead of a smaller one. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your device will charge while you are using it.

One of those is a docking station, some docking stations can even charge the device themselves, but sometimes all you need is a stand so you can plug the wire into the device.

This is an essential factor of the Nintendo Switch, so it is best for you to consider this when making your decision.

Battery Life

Battery life is incredibly important, obviously if the charger is wall mounted and needs a power supply to work then this won’t be necessary.

For portable chargers this is essential as it will ensure that you can charge your device fully multiple times before the portable charger needs to be charged itself.

This is incredibly important when making your decision so it is with great importance that you consider this when making your decision. Many of the above stated products can in fact handle this and won’t need to be charged every single time that you need to charge your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Have A Portable Charger?

It is not necessary to have a portable charger but they are incredibly useful when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, with the advancement of technology portable chargers have come a long way.

They are able to fully charge your device multiple times before they will need to be charged. They will also ensure that you can take your device anywhere and still play it which is one the Nintendo Switches best features in the first place.

How Fast Is Fast Charge?

Fast charge products are able to ensure that your device will reach its full charge in 2.5 hours which is an incredibly quick time to fully charge a device. This will maximise your game time as well which is an added bonus.

Are The Above Products Mentioned Safe For Use?

The above stated products are all incredibly safe to use and are protected from things such as short circuits and overheating which can be a major health and safety risk for electrical appliances. This means you shouldn’t worry when charging your device.

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