Best Single-Use And Rechargeable CR123A Lithium Batteries

So, the CR123A is one of the most popular batteries and this is for a very good reason. Despite these batteries being shorter than AA batteries they actually have a much lighter capacity and they generate 3 volts.

This is double the voltage of AA batteries, and because of this high power-to-size ratio, then this battery really does outlast the other batteries in the market.

Due to this pretty great power-to-size ratio, the CR123A batteries are best suited for high-power devices, for instance cameras and LED flashlights which have pretty small battery slots.

The dimensions of CR123A batteries are 34.5 x 17mm and the chemistry is lithium. This battery is known by a variety of names, but a lot of people will actually call this battery the camera battery.

This is because it is most commonly used in cameras. These batteries can be used in devices other than cameras, they can also be used in flashlights and toys too. These batteries typically have a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts and they are ideal for standby devices.


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The Amazon Basics Lithium CR123A battery is a single use battery. The improved design of this battery will offer you a 10-year leak-free shelf life.

These are ideal batteries to have in your home in case of an emergency, or you can also just use these batteries right away - whenever you need them. These batteries are perfect for a whole host of devices including night-vision goggles, flashlights and more. 


  • Great quality at great value - these batteries prove to be one of the best examples on the market of great batteries at a great price point and also with great quality.
  • These batteries definitely go the distance - and by distance we mean however long you need to power a device for.
    These batteries are perfect for using in any kind of alarm or detector because you will not have to subject yourself to the torturous changing battery event that we all dread!
  • Capacity - these batteries will last you for an extended period of time and you should not notice any kind of decrease in the capacity of the battery life.


  • Not recommended for security cameras - these batteries are not rechargeable which is one of the reasons why they are not recommended for use in security cameras. However, there are rechargeable batteries that will serve you pretty well. 


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The Streamlight 85177 CR123A lithium batteries are the perfect batteries for cameras or for flashlights. These batteries come with a 10 year storage life and these batteries are not rechargeable. 


  • Well-trusted - these batteries are pretty well-trusted by a whole host of people. For instance, these batteries are made in the USA and they are trusted by law enforcement and militaries world wide.
    So, if this does not convince you that these batteries will power your flashlight without fail, then we don’t know what will. 
  • Tactical equipment batteries - these batteries will serve you well if you are looking to power your tactical equipment. It is important to note that these batteries are not typically for home security system wireless cameras.
  • Endless shelf life - these batteries are super long-lasting, so even though they are not rechargeable this is not something that you should be too worried about. In fact, these batteries will last you for quite some time!


  • 3 volt batteries - if you are trying to power a device that is 3.5V or above then do not be surprised if this battery does not quite meet your own expectations.

    It was not designed to be able to cope with voltages higher than 3, but if you are powering a device that is 3V or below then this will not be a problem for you.


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These batteries are also another favorite from Streamlight, but there is a great reason for this... Their batteries are pretty awesome. These batteries will have an average storage life of 10 years and there are a wide range of devices that these batteries can be used in.

These batteries can be used in flashlights, digital cameras and any other device that uses a whole host of 123A/AP/LC batteries. These batteries are pretty reliable, and will serve you well in powering your flashlights or any other devices that you wish to power. 


  • Great quality at a great price point - another win for you all in terms of Streamlight batteries. It has to be said that their quality comes at an even better price!
  • Long-lasting batteries - these batteries are really long-lasting and have great power output levels. You will not regret using these batteries as they are very on par with what the premium brands have to offer.
    This is especially important considering that they were designed for flashlights that are super bright.
  • 3 volt batteries - perfect for powering any smaller devices that you have!


  • Not suitable for every device - depending on what kind of device you are trying to power these batteries might not be completely suitable due to the voltage that some devices require to be powered.


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These Tenergy 3V CR123A lithium batteries are high powered and are best used for common applications.

For instance, these batteries would be best used in photo equipment, camera equipment, smart sensors, light meters and they can even be used in some security cameras.

These batteries will allow you to maximize the most of your electronic devices by giving them the best power source possible. This non-rechargeable lithium battery is one of the most popular and also one of the most widely used and tested CR123A batteries.

It has been designed so that it will specifically deliver longer run times in every single device that it powers, whether it is a flashlight, or whether it is a camera or even a super high-tech gadget. 


  • Long lasting batteries - these batteries are super long lasting because they have high energy density. This means that the batteries will last 3-5 times longer than an alkaline one-time-use battery. This is especially true in high-drain devices.
  • High power - these batteries are 3V so they will work really well in powering your smaller devices.
  • Enhanced protection - these batteries are UL, UN and ROHS certified. These batteries also incorporate pressure, temperature and current protection too.


  • These are non-rechargeable batteries - these batteries are one-time use only, so you must not try and recharge these batteries. Instead, you will need to dispose of the old battery and replace it with a new one.


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With a tagline ‘power that goes with you’, the VONIKO CR123A lithium batteries are a super value for super longevity.

These batteries are now new and also better improved, and you will be able to power all of your cameras and your flashlights and any other kinds of high-powered electrics.

These batteries are great because they have a leak-free construction, so you will never have any reason to worry about this. In fact, their leak-free battery design has been perfected for several decades so will keep the CR123A battery clean and safe.

These batteries can also perform at practically any temperature, ranging from as low as -40°F to as high as 140°F. 


  • Super strong - the VONIKO 123 lithium is twice as strong as the standard lithium batteries.
    In fact even with extreme temperature operation these batteries will always be ready, and you should also make sure that you store these batteries at 68 degrees Fahrenheit for the best possible results.
  • Safer and greener - these batteries are RoHS certified and each battery is equipped with PTC protection. This means that they have protection against short circuit overcurrent and they also have intelligence voltage surge safeguards.
    This makes these batteries much longer lasting and therefore ideal for high-drain devices.
  • Full 10 year shelf life - that’s right, these batteries are set to last you for a full 10 years so you will not have to worry about changing these batteries frequently.
    Even though these batteries are non-rechargeable they will remain just as fresh as the day that you purchased them. 


  • Non-rechargeable - with such a long shelf life this should not be a huge worry for you, as these batteries should last for up to 10 years.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to purchasing these batteries, the length of time at which they will last is of the most importance. After all, you don’t want to have to keep constantly changing your batteries!

It is important to note that the length of time that any battery will last can ultimately depend on a range of factors - these factors include the device’s battery consumption, the frequency at which the device is used, and the temperature.

It is true that CR123A batteries are typically used in cameras, or security systems or even flashlights. As a result of this their lifespan is actually determined by the frequency of which they are used. This would not apply to security systems, of course, as they are constantly in use.

Best single-use and rechargeable CR123A Lithium batteries

So, if you are planning on using your CR123A battery in an alarm sensor of some kind then it can actually last for three years right up to five years. It is important that you take into account that some models will actually use more power than others, or they will alternatively use less power than others. Both of these notions will affect the lifespan of the battery.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that there are some cameras which consume a lot more power when they are used in the dark as opposed to when they are used during the day time.

This is because you have to use a flashlight in the process of taking photos in the dark or… well… you might as well not bother. Also, if you are continuously taking photos using a camera in the dark then the flashlight will especially play a role in your battery consumption. 

So, in other words, we can’t really give you a definitive answer for how long any battery will serve you and your device. This is all to do with how you use your device. This will have its own impact on the battery and how it is affected.

We do recommend considering purchasing rechargeable batteries if you use your device, such as a camera, extremely frequently as this will save you money in the long run - and will be that bit more environmentally friendly.

But, we hope we have proved that there are some lithium batteries out there that can serve you for a really long time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A CR123A Battery?

CR123A is a cylindrical battery which comes with compact and lightweight cells, and also large voltages.

These batteries are generally ideal and useful for a wide range of applications. These batteries come from two significant versions, rechargeable and non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.

What Are The Different Types Of CR123 Batteries?

CR123 and CR123A lithium batteries are often known by a variety of names, simply due to the manufacturer. CR123A batteries may also be known as CR123, 123, 123A, DL123 or EL123A.

What Is A 123A Battery?

This is a high performance 3V cylindrical lithium battery.

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