Charging Laptop Battery Externally Without an Official Charger

The laptop is one of the greatest inventions ever made. It is easier to take your work and entertainment with you. However, a laptop can only run without being plugged up for so long.

Sometimes, you just can’t find an outlet to charge it right away. You might be in a vehicle with no access to an outlet for a long period of time. Or you might be in a foreign country where the outlet is different than what you are used to. Or your charge chord might be dead and you can’t get a new one right away. What do you do then? Not to worry.

Technology has caught up to where you can charge your laptop without an outlet. How can you do that? Here are six methods for charging laptop battery externally with an official charger.

Charge Laptop with a Power Bank

If nothing else, you can use a power bank. What is that? In short, it’s a portal charger. The higher the capacity, the better. There aren’t any complicated parts that you have to work with. It’s just the power bank, a cord, and the outlet together. Plus, a power bank is easy to use. You just plug it in with a USB cord and you are all set to go. One good example of a power bank is the Anker’s PowerCore+ 26800mAh PD.

A power bank is almost perfect for charging your laptop without the official charger. However, a power bank has to have so much care for it. Misuse of your power bank will make it useless for you in the future. 

You have to make sure that you store the power bank in a place that has the right temperature. Places too hot or too cold will cause damage. As soon as you have your power bank fully charged, you have to unplug it. Overcharging is like your laptop battery. If you charge it too much, it won’t charge fully the next time you use it. Dropping your power bank and keeping it near metal will damage it.

The list goes on for the proper power bank care. Take the time to sit down and read through the dos and don’ts of what to do with your power bank. You can easily find one on Amazon or your local computer store.

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Charge laptop with Third-Party C charger

Just like with an external hard drive, there can be an external charger. They may sound expensive and hard to find. But you don’t have to stress over it. It’s really easy to use. Just plug it into the USB C-port and get to work. Once your laptop is fully charged, you can disconnect it and put it away. 

You have to make sure that it works properly so that you can get enough juice for your laptop.  They aren’t too hard to find either. One little search on Amazon will help find it for you. 

Sometimes, an external charger comes with its own chord. Other times, you will have to pay for it yourself. Just check and make sure that you have a cord that is compatible with the charger.

How will you know what size you are going to need for what occasion? What if you end up getting the wrong size? What if your third-party charger is too big for you to take with you. Well, you don’t have to worry about it being too big for you to carry around with your charging laptop battery externally. They all come in different shapes. Smaller ones are much better for travel.

Your best bet would be to use a Gan charger, for example. The gan charger is small enough to take with you when you travel. They are also easy to use. Just plug it up into the wall and use a USB cord to connect it to your laptop. You can find a Gan charger on sites like Amazon or your local electronic store. MINIX 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger 2 x USB-C Fast Charging  Adapter, 1 x USB-A Quick Charge 3.0, Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, iPad  Pro, iPhone 12/12 mini/11, Galaxy S9

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You Can Charge Your Laptop in a Car

Your car can help with charging your devices. People already do it for their phones, watches, and other smaller devices. Why not do the same for your laptop? It’s become more common over the years. With more battery and hybrid cars on the road, it is easy to see why. Using your car as a charger for your laptop is much easier to set up than you think.

First of all, don’t use your laptop while driving. Keep your eyes on the road. That being said, you can still charge it while you are driving. However, you will have the best results if you are parked somewhere with the car running safely. You can set up your laptop in the passenger seat and then get everything set up from there. It would be best if your car had a good amount of gas in it. You just need the right car charger cord to hook up your laptop to your car. (They use the USB C-port.) 

Your car might not fully give you the charge that you need, but it will be enough to get you through until you can get to a wall outlet. You can find the charge cord on sites like Amazon or your local electronic store. USB-C Laptop CAR Charger Power Adapter: Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad  MacBook Pro Air Retina Razer Blade Stealth Chromebook Pixel Acer Swift  Samsung Asus Dell Microsoft Universal Compatibility USB C PD3 : Electronics

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Charge Using Universal Power Adapter

This is going to be one tool related to your laptop that you will not be able to live without. You will be asking yourself why you didn’t get one sooner. A universal adapter is just as it is named. You can use this to power up almost any device. All you have to do is plug up your devices and just let them charge. When you are done, you just disconnect everything and put your adapter away. 

This would be good for your laptop too. Can you use this on any laptop? The answer is yes. A universal power adapter is good for almost every laptop. It doesn’t matter if you have a Dell, HP, or Chromebook. You should be good to go with a universal charger. You don’t have to use a wall outlet for the adapter to work. All that you have to do is to connect the adapter to your laptop with a USB cord.

You can easily pack up a universal adapter and carry it with you. A universal adapter can easily be found on the internet. Amazon is one of the top places to look. You can also find a universal adapter in your local electronic store. Travel Adapter, Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor  Wall AC Power Plug Adapter Wall Charger with Dual USB Charging Ports for  USA EU UK AUS Cell Phone Laptop : Tools

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User super battery

This is not out of a sci-fi story. Yes, this is a real thing. People can use a super batter to charge their laptop. There are just some times when you can’t exactly use a proper charger depending on where you are. This is where a super battery can come in handy. This sounds like a dream. the super battery is perfect for when you are in a moving vehicle.

You can get eight to ten hours of use out of a super battery. Will that cause damage to your laptop? No, not at all. You get to charge your laptop and work at the same time. It’s really easy to use too. You just need to replace your usual battery with a super battery while you are on the go.

Just make sure that you can find a super battery that is compatible with your laptop. The wrong type of battery could end up doing damage to your laptop. Take the time to look at what kind of laptop you have. Then check to see which super battery will be compatible with your laptop. You can find a super battery on Amazon and take it with you while you are on vacation.

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Solar Charger

Are you trying to go green by charging laptop battery externally? Such a thing is actually possible. More and more people are trying to save the planet and go green. That includes their electronics. What does that have to do with charging your laptop with battery externally?

Well, people are starting to charge their laptops in the sun. How exactly does that work? First, you have to use a solar charger that matches up with your laptop’s volt limit. Otherwise, you might not get enough power and end up messing up your laptop. Once you have your charger matching the volt limit in your laptop, you have to know how to use your power bank. First, let the solar charger sit in the sun for a good amount of time. Then you plug it into your laptop and get right to work.

The solar charger has its ups and downs. One downside is that you can only use the charger in the sun. Be sure to check how the weather is going to be for that day. Plus, the charger is rather expensive. Still, you are doing the environment a favor. Solar chargers are also easy to use. You can find them on sites like Amazon easily.

How to build a Solar Laptop Charger for Under $100 - YouTube

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Is It Safe to Charge Your Laptop Without Official Charger?

The main question that is brought up all of the time is, is it safe to charge without using the official charger? The answer is yes, but you have to be careful. First, you have to make sure that the charger is compatible with your laptop. Otherwise, it won’t work properly and you will risk doing damage to your battery and your laptop. You also have to make sure that you get your charger from a reputable source. Knock-offs can do damage to your laptop.

Another thing that you have to be careful about is that you don’t end up overcharging your laptop. If you charge your laptop too much, it won’t fully charge in the future. In short, it is safe to charge without using the official charger, but you have to take good care of your charger and your laptop.

Tired of Recharging? Consider an M1 MacBook

But what if you are tired of recharging your battery? Then you will want to get a laptop with a higher battery life. This sounds like a dream. You can just work and not have to worry about charging your laptop for hours at a time. You don’t have to run the risk of overcharging the battery. That sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Not really. Laptops with higher batteries lives are easier to find.

You could find an M1 Macbook Air on Amazon or your local store. Another good one to check out is the MacBook Pro. Don’t worry, PC users. There are plenty of PC laptops that have a strong battery life out there too. One example is the Dell Latitude 9510. You can find that on Amazon and your local computer store.

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