Halo Bolt 58830mWh 15900mAh

The Halo Bolt power bank is highly powerful and effective. Not only is it able to charge laptops, phones and other smart devices, but it is also able to jump start cars and other vehicles when they have broken down.

Halo Bolt 58830mWh 15900mAh

This power bank certainly packs a bunch and is an ideal choice for those looking to charge more than one device at a time, and anyone wanting a multi-functional, reliable power resource wherever they go.

However, this power bank is less portable than smaller options, as it is pretty bulky and heavyweight. Read on for a full review of the Halo Bolt’s pros and cons, so that you can decide whether it is the energy device you have been looking for.

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Let’s kick off this review by looking at the key specifications relating to this product:



58.8 Wh


26.5 oz


7.2 inches


3.8 inches

Depth / thickness

1.5 inches

Charging time

9 hours


21.17mAh / g

600.00mAh / oz

Price Point

Affordable $


2 x USB Type A - output 5V / 2.4A

1 x AC - output 115V / 65W

1 x DC - input 14V / 0.85A

Flight Status

Flight safe - under 100Wh limit


LED power indicator

Jump starter


Surge protection

Overheating protection

Short circuit protection

Wall charger

Charging cable

Charging Capacity

The Halo Bolt is a beast of a power bank, and is able to do far more than most standard portable chargers with less capacity. It can store 15900mAh and 58830mWh of energy in its lithium-iron battery.

This is an impressive amount of power storage and means that it is suitable for charging laptops and digital cameras as well as smartphones. In fact it can provide charge for T.V.s, mini fridges, tablets, gaming devices and camping equipment.

The 15900mAh provides approximately 62.7 hours of talk time on a standard smartphone or mobile device. It also equates to 7.9 hours of charge for a MacBook pro, and 8.6 hours of charge for an iPad Air.

This means that you can enjoy films, music and talk time even on long journeys and when far from conventional power charging sockets. 

The Halo Bolt has 2 USB ports, which means that multiple devices can be supported at the same time.

Luckily, the large storage capacity means that this power bank has the juice to power both devices effectively as well. What is more, laptops and other appliances can be powered through the 65W AC outlet.

The powerful AC outlet even enables the Halo Bolt to also jump start devices and small vehicles! In fact, this power bank has the capability of jump starting a car battery 217 times before it will run out of charge itself.

It can charge a dead SUV battery up to 96 times, and can also be used on trucks, lawnmowers and small boats.

The Halo Bolt comes with a jump starter rated at 500AMPs, which is the minimum amperage required to get most car and boat batteries going. However, it should be noted that 500AMPs is not enough to jump start completely dead batteries.

Charging Speed

The Halo Bolt USB ports do not support any fast charging capabilities such as Qualcomm Quick Charge, however this charger can still get an iPhone 7 from flat to fully charged very quickly thanks to its 5V / 2.4A power.

It also has Halo Smart Charge intelligence, which enables you to give your device a quick boost of juice in order to keep it going until you reach a permanent energy supply. 

The device can charge a laptop around three or four times before it will need to be recharged itself. Once flat, the Halo Bolt can be charged via the powerful AC inlet in around 9 hours.

This may seem like a long time, but when you consider its storage capacity and dual charging capabilities it is actually impressively quick. Better still, the Halo Bolt comes with a car charger.

This means that you can plug it in as you drive about and recharge your device as you go. This is a really neat feature as it means that your Bolt will always be ready to provide extra power if ever your car gets into a spot of bother.


The Halo Bolt has universal compatibility with almost all devices that use a USB Type A outlet. Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Macbooks and more are all compatible with this power bank.

It has awesome versatility in this area, especially because it can charge more than one device at a time. Even if you decide to switch to a different brand with your next phone upgrade, your Halo Bolt will still be able to provide you with charge on the go.

As we mentioned earlier, the Halo Bolt is also compatible with other electrical devices and appliances thanks to its AC outlet, and can even be used to jump start vehicles.

This makes it an excellent choice for any drivers who do not fancy waiting around on the side of the road for a breakdown team to arrive. If you have the Halo Bolt in your glove box then you can feel prepared for any eventuality.

The Bolt does not support pass-through technology however, which means that the inlet and outlet ports cannot be in operation at the same time.

For this reason, you cannot charge the Halo Bolt itself whilst using it to provide charge elsewhere. However, we think this is a small concession for a very impressive charger.



The dimensions of the Halo Bolt are somewhat heavier and more imposing than many other power banks available online. The measurements of this external battery are 7.2 inches x 3.8 inches x 1.5 inches, meaning that it is about the size of a small lunchbox.

This is small enough to stow in a glove compartment of your car, or even to carry in a backpack when you are out and about. However, the Halo Bolt is certainly not able to slip in your back pocket like some portable options.

The unit weighs 26.5 oz (nearly 3 pounds), which is a pretty heavy weight to add to any load. This is why it is better to think of this power bank as a heavy duty back up rather than a lightweight portable option.

Although it is certainly heavier than some models, the Halo Bolt is compact considering its storage capacity and power, so we still think it qualifies as a great portable charger.

What is really great is that this charger is also flight safe as it measures 58.8mWh which is below the 100mWh limit set by airlines.

This means that your laptop and other devices won’t run out of charge half way through a long-haul flight and leave you wondering what happens at the end of the movie!

Durability And Reliability

The Halo Bolt is pretty darn sturdy, particularly due to its hard plastic casing (which happens to be lightweight as well). As a construction, it holds up well against the small knocks and bumps that any portable device will inevitably incur.

Luckily, the power bank also comes with a protective pouch for storage and safe transportation. The pouch provides vital padding, yet it is only 4.2 inches in thickness, meaning that the unit is not too bulky to be stored in your glove compartment in the car or chest of drawers at home.

The unit has been designed with four little rubber feet which are great for preventing it from scratching painted surfaces and also from slipping about.

These feet elevate the unit off the floor so that air can circulate underneath it and hot air can escape easily. This stops the device from overheating when in use and therefore extends its longevity.

The device operates on lithium polymer batteries as opposed to the more usual lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium polymer batteries are excellent at retaining charge even when not in use, and are able to complete hundreds of charge cycles without their performance being negatively impacted.

In fact, it is predicted that lithium polymer batteries can be charged and discharged over 500 times, and can last for years and years. They are wonderfully reliable and durable, and help make this power bank an excellent choice.

Safety Features

The lithium polymer batteries are also a safer option than lithium-ion batteries thanks to their less reactive nature. They reduce the risk of fires and they are also more lightweight, helping to keep the overall weight of the device down. 

The Halo Bolt is an incredibly safe device with many excellent safety features built into its design. As well as short circuit protection, low voltage protection and over voltage protection, the unit also has reverse polarity protection and reverse current protection.

It has jumper cable spark protection and timer circuit protection. What is more, The Halo Bolt has an auto on / off capacity, so you do not need to worry about the unit overheating if you accidentally leave it on for an extended period. 

If all this doesn’t provide you with sufficient peace of mind, the Halo Bolt also comes with a 90 day warranty. 

Ease Of Use

The Halo Bolt 58830 is incredibly simple and easy to use.

All the input ports are clearly labelled for easy identification, and there is even a floodlight button (with on / off switch) which can be used to help you see the jump start connection if you are stranded in the dark and need to get your car restarted.

The jump starter itself is also very user friendly. After you connect the jumper cable to the power bank, you simply need to attach the clamps to the car battery and press the clearly marked button on the unit until the light turns green.

The red clamps should be attached to the positive terminal, and the black clamps to the negative terminal. Then it is just a case of waiting for your car to restart.

The USB ports on the halo Bolt each have a blue LED light which indicates that they are on and operating, or off and the charge has been stopped. They are activated by the press of a button.

Likewise, the AC port is activated via a simple on / off button and it has a green LED to indicate its power status.

Another really useful design feature of this power bank is the four bar light display which allows you to see how much charge is left on in your Bolt at any given time. When you see the bars drop down you know that you have limited energy left.

Look And Feel

The Halo Bolt 58830 is a sturdy yet sophisticated looking unit. We love that it is available in so many cool colors and patterns, including camo, paisley, floral, graphite and chevron designs.

There are a total of 9 possible color options to choose from, meaning that there really is something for everyone no matter what your tastes may be.

The brand's logo is imprinted on the top of the unit to give it a very stylish and professional finish, and the curved edges prevent it from looking too bulky and brutalist. It is a very good looking and sturdy feeling device.

Value For Money

The Halo Bolt 58830 is certainly more expensive than other external battery packs which hold less storage capacity. However, we think that it is great value for money considering all the amazing features and capabilities it comes with.

The jump starter is a huge bonus and gives this device a functionality that goes far beyond your standard portable charger. If you want a reliable and high powered power bank that does it all, then The Halo Bolt is a great choice.

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