How To Fix An iPod Not Charging in 7 Effortless Methods

You want to play your favorite music on your iPod as you relax, cook your favorite food, or do what you love. But your device lets you down because it won’t charge. We feel you. It’s frustrating. So what can you do about an iPod not charging? Thanks to the following clever troubleshooting fixes, you can say goodbye to the disappointments and enjoy your songs. Learn more.

ipod not charging

7 Simple Ways To Fix an iPod Not Charging

Typically, your iPod’s rechargeable lithium battery should stretch between 10 and 36 hours before you charge it again. Of course, it also depends on the device model you have. 

You can use your computer’s USB port or an electrical outlet via a wall adapter to juice your iPod. But if your device isn’t charging or keeping a full charge, you can try the following tricks to fix the problem.

Method 1: Use a different USB port or a wall outlet

Your iPod isn’t charging, possibly due to a faulty or weak USB port or wall outlet. For example, you need to use a high-powered USB port if you’re charging your iPod using a computer. Also, USB ports on external hard drives, keyboards, or monitors result in weak charging. 

Connect your device to a different wall outlet or high-powered USB port to see if it’ll charge. Recharge the iPod directly from your computer. Also, try another wall charger to charge your iPod. You can buy this at the Amazon store.

Method 2: Ensure the computer is on

You can only power up your device if your computer is on. The iPod will stop charging if your computer goes into sleep mode or becomes inactive. So you need to activate the computer to continue charging your iPod. 

To stop the problem from recurring, disable the power-saving settings on your computer. Or juice up your iPod while your device is in use. Your laptop won’t go to sleep when the iPod is charging. 

Method 3: Restart your iPod

Another possible cause of the iPod not charging is that it’s frozen. For example, if the device’s buttons don’t respond to your touch, it shows that it’s dysfunctional or frozen. However, it’s easy to resolve this problem.

Restart your iPod to fix the glitches. Depending on the type of device you have, you can perform these functions. Press and hold the “Select and Menu” buttons simultaneously if you own a touch-wheel iPod. Hold down the buttons until you see the gray emblem on the screen. 

Reset the iPod Touch by holding down the ” Sleep and Home” buttons at the same time. For any other brand of iPod, follow the same process-look for specific controls. 

Method 4: Buy another USB cable

Hardware problems could also lead to your iPod not charging. For example, if the USB cable is damaged, frayed, or has cuts, it won’t transmit power efficiently. Check the cable for any damage to see if it’s causing a charging failure. Alternatively, purchase another one to improve charging if the challenge persists. 

Method 5: Update the software

As with all things to do with software, you need to keep it updated. According to Apple, it’s crucial to optimize your battery by ensuring your iPod’s software is up-to-date. To achieve this, use the supplied USB cable to connect the iPod to your computer. Afterward, launch iTunes and select the iPod tab from the left column. To find out and install the latest software, click the “Update button.” 

Method 6: Replace the iPod battery 

So far, you have done the five troubleshooting tricks. But you still have a problem with your iPod not charging. The device’s battery could malfunction due to old age. As a result, regardless of what you try to do to charge it, the battery won’t charge. It’s high time you replaced it using Apple’s iPod Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement Program.

Method 7: Contact Apple technical support

It’s your last call when you have tried every solution to fix the problem. Don’t try to open your iPod as you can damage sensitive parts. Reach out to Apple’s technical team.

Here’s the summary about fixing the iPod not charging.

  • Check if your charger cable is connected correctly. If not, reconnect it to your computer or a power adapter and try charging again.
  • If this doesn’t work, there may be something wrong with the connection between your charger and your iPod. Try using another cable or charger to see if the problem persists.
  • If you’ve tried both things and are still having trouble, your battery might have a problem. You may need to replace it for the best results!

How Do I Know My iPod Battery Is Dead?

Follow the steps below to find out if your iPod battery is dead.

Step 1

Juice up your device. Before disconnecting it from the charger, ensure that the screen shows a full charge. 

Step 2

Press and hold the play or power button to turn on your iPod. Note that the controls differ depending on your model. If the iPod’s battery reading is low, it can turn on but quickly shut down.

Step 3

Connect your device to the computer using the USB cable you received with your iPod. The cable helps sync and power up your iPod. If the connection is correct, your gadget should be on.

Step 4 

Now, disconnect the iPod from the USB sync cable. If your device’s power turns off immediately, it indicates that your battery is dead. You need to replace it.

FAQs about an iPod Not Charging

Why is my iPod Touch not turning on or charging? How can I solve this?

Your power supply could be weak, or your device didn’t fully charge. In this case, plug another Apple device into the power outlet to see if it’s working. To see if your iPod will fully charge, leave it for some time to come to life. If it doesn’t show any signs of life, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for 20secs. Release the Power button but continue holding down the Home button.

What should I do if my iPod keeps turning on and off?

If this happens without you activating these commands, your device has something faulty. Replace the iPod or use Apple’s warranty to have it repaired and fixed. 

Why is my iPod not responding, even while plugged in?

Some possible reasons include hardware and software problems. Examples of hardware faults include screen damage, water damage, battery failure, and dust or foreign objects entering the port. You need a specialist to fix these issues.

Software faults include boot loops, glitches, bugs, a lack of updates, frozen in recovery or DFU mode, or jailbreaking challenges. Follow the above steps to resolve these technical glitches.

What can I do if my iPod does not charge?

Try the following:

  • Inspect the charging port for foreign objects.
  • Replace the cable.
  • Charge the iPod overnight. 
  • Bring it into an Apple Store.

What should I do if my iPod gets wet and won’t turn on?

If it was already off, turn the device off and do not turn it on. Avoid using rice because particles can get into the port and make charging worse. Take it to an expert like the Apple Store technicians.

What would cause my iPod to shut off and not turn back on?

It means that it’s frozen. For the 6th generation iPod and earlier, press and hold the top and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

An iPod touch with arrows pointing to the Home button and the top button.


If you own a 7th-generation iPod, hold down the volume and top buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo.

An iPod touch with arrows pointing to the top button and the volume down button.


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