iHome Portable Charger 6000mAh Review

The iHome Portable Charger is fast becoming the slimline, lightweight power bank of choice for those who are looking for easy access to power on the go.

iHome Portable Charger 6000mAh Review

There are few portable chargers out there that are more compact and convenient than this one, and it doesn’t hurt that it delivers 6000mAh of energy to boot.

This product is affordably priced and aesthetically attractive, but does it offer the efficiency and battery life that you are after? Read on for our full review of the pros and cons relating to the iHome Portable Charger.

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Let’s begin with a look at the specifications of the iHome portable charger.


6000 mAh
22.2 Wh

Charging Time

3 Hours
High Speed Charging


4.8 oz


8 cm


4 cm

Depth / thickness

1 cm

Price Point

Affordable $


44.12 mAh / g

1250 mAh / oz


2 x USB type A - output 5V / 2.4A

1 x Micro USB - output 5V / 2.4A

Flight Status

Flight Safe - under 100 Wh


LED power indicator

Charging cable

Product Review

Charging Capacity

Most power banks these days offer around 10000mAh of capacity, so the iHome portable charger is in fact a little light in this area.

However, 6000mAh is still enough energy storage to enable you to charge your phone battery, browse the internet, chat, message and listen to music.

What is more, the reduced capacity allows this external battery pack to be smaller and more lightweight, making it an ideal shape and size to slip in your handbag or rucksack, your purse or your pocket. 

The 6000mAh capacity enables you to fully recharge a dead iphone battery of 2716mAh 1.5 times before it needs recharging itself.

It will also afford you: 29 hours of internet browsing and scrolling through websites; 27 hours of talk time to spend chatting to friends, family and colleagues; 29 hours of video watching, which is more than enough time to catch up on your favorite netflix shows and home recordings; and 133 hours of listening to music, which is the equivalent of many bus, subway and train journeys spent enjoying your favorite albums.

The real capacity of the iHome portable charger is in fact coser to 4000mAh due to the inevitable wastage that occurs with any power bank use.

However, this neat and nifty little charger really does hold enough energy capacity to be incredibly useful and handy, so long as you know what you are getting.

It is not capable of powering a laptop, and it does not have the most storage capacity on the market, but what it does have is perfectly suited to its purpose.

Charging Speed

When the iHome portable charger is only connected to one single device, it can deliver a charging speed of 2.4A.

This means that a smartphone can be fully charged in 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is the equivalent time it would take if it were plugged into a 5W wall charger. If the charger is connected to 2 devices then the charging speed is slower, at only 1A rate. 

The charger's fast charge capability allows you to get your phone up to 50% recharged in just half an hour. This option is ideal for those who just want a quick top up (when out and about) and do not need to spend a long time reaching full charge.

Once this external battery runs flat, it takes 3-5 hours to fully recharge. This is impressively quick considering all the hours of charge it provides and its speedy recovery is largely thanks to its 5V / 2.4A micro USB charging connection.

However, for the fastest charging speed to be possible the battery pack must be connected to a powerful 10W wall adaptor.


A great advantage of this portable charger is that it is universally compatible with most devices that have a USB output. As well as iPhones, the charger can support android ios, kindle and many other smart devices.

This external battery pack has 2 USB ports and can therefore support two devices at the same time, however its micro USB port cannot be used at the same time as the type A USB ports. This means that the iHome charger cannot be charged itself whilst delivering charge to other devices.

The micro USB port makes this power bank compatible with any chargers and charging cables with micro USB outputs. Therefore, if you need to recharge your battery pack but have forgotten to bring the charging cable, you can easily borrow someone else's. 


A key selling point for the iHome charger is its portability. As it is not the most powerful model with the highest capacity, convenience and compactness are high up on its agenda.

This is a power bank that is specifically designed to fit inside your jacket pocket or your purse so that you can take it with you wherever you go and boost your phone’s juice even if you are out and about.

The dimensions of the iHome portable charger are similar to those of the iphone 6. This should give you a good indication of just how slimline this battery pack is. It measures 8 x 4 x 1 cm, and it is one of the thinnest models out there.

This flatness makes it ideal for slipping in beside other items inside your wallet or bag. As it only weighs 4.8 oz you will hardly realize that you have brought it with you and it will not be a heavy or cumbersome addition to your load.

Better still, this portable charger is safe to take and use on flights as it is under the 100Wh limit outlined by airlines. You will be able to watch movies and listen to music whilst up in the air thanks to this lightweight, slimline charger.

Reliability And Durability

The iHome portable charger runs off a lithium ion battery which is highly efficient and long lasting. Li-ion batteries are famous for being able to last many many charge cycles, being charged and discharged again and again without it affecting their performance.

Lithium ions are also capable of retaining charge even when they are not in use, meaning that there is minimal wastage and energy leakage.

The aluminum outer shell is strong and durable, and protects the iHome portable charger from the inevitable knocks and bumps that will occur.

When carrying the charger about, you can protect it from damage by wrapping it in a protective layer and ensuring that heavy items do not pile up on top of it. You should also keep your charger at room temperature and make sure that it is well ventilated when in operation.

All these measures will ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your battery pack.

Look And Feel

The iHome charger has a sleek and stylish look and feel that makes it a great choice for professionals who want a trendy power bank to match their corporate image.

The lightly embossed logo that runs down the curved edge of the pack is subtle and classy, and the whole device looks like a premium product despite its affordable price point.

We love the metallic colors that the iHome portable charger is available in, particularly the rose gold option. There are a great range of colors suitable to all tastes and aesthetics and they are more interesting and appealing than the average matte black options available elsewhere.

The smooth, shiny surface of this charger does tend to pick up smudges and fingerprints very quickly. But a swift wipe with a cloth or tissue gets rid of them easily.


The iHome portable charger could not be easier to use. Anyone, no matter how new to technology, will be able to connect their smartphone to this device via the USB ports.

Once the charger’s battery has run flat an LED warning light flashes to indicate that it needs to be recharged. The pack can then be connected to the mains power supply via the micro USB port and charging cable provided.

Value For Money

Considering how durable, reliable and effective the iHome portable charger is, we think that it is excellent value for money. At around $20, it affords you ample charge to top up your devices and keep them running smoothly whilst you are on the go.

Although it does not have the largest capacity, this portable charger is super lightweight and portable, and it looks really stylish too!

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