Is Charging Phone in Car Bad?

There’s a variety of phone accessories explicitly designed for use in cars. Today, technology is putting everything right in your hand, from phone holders to power cables and chargers. Vehicles are also being designed to provide greater efficiency when charging, with the latest models providing multiple charging ports. But the question is, is charging phone in car bad?

is charging phone in car bad

Using the vehicle’s USB port, you can charge the device without any issues. Thanks to the new convenient plug-and-play devices, you can easily recharge your phone while driving.

Without overlooking the convenience of car charging, experts say this action can ruin your device’s battery life as well as drain the car battery (especially if the engine isn’t running or it’s an older model). The charging source’s technical parameters affect the phone’s battery life. If the power supply from the input source is stable, it will not harm your device.

On the other hand, poor electrical supply in your car can adversely affect your phone’s battery life if you charge it in the car frequently. Your phone may also receive too much power, which is not good for the battery. If there’s too little power, your phone will stall and not charge. So, charging your phone in a car should be done in moderation to maintain long battery life.

How Can I Charge My Phone While I’m Driving?

The ability to charge a phone while driving relies on the model and features of your vehicle. There are a few different ways that you may choose to charge your phone while you’re in the car. Read on.

1. Cigarette Lighter

Connecting a USB vehicle phone charger to a car’s cigarette lighter outlet is a quick and easy way to keep your phone charged while you drive. However, remember that a 2-Amp outlet is required to charge your phone. Using the cigarette lighter outlet is not rocket science, but you’ll need to check that it is compatible with the car charger. Check the package of the charger to ensure that everything is in order.

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2. USB port

It’s not uncommon for cars to feature multiple USB ports where you can charge your phone. However, the charging current from such connectors isn’t enough to recharge a depleted battery fast. In addition, some of your phone’s applications consume a lot of power.

For instance, running a GPS navigation application on your device would drain the battery quickly. Unfortunately, the power supplied by the USB port might be insufficient.

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3. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a new feature that comes with the newer car models. It includes a tray or a drawer on the central console or under the armrest. It’s cable-free. Simply setting your phone down on the charging tray is all that’s required.

Automakers advertise their take on the wireless charger, ensuring it complies with the Qi standard. The success of the charging process depends on your device’s compatibility with the car charger.

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  • 👍Thoughtful Note: Low output voltage from the car's own USB port can cause the wireless charger to open &close constantly or not work. The typp-c port is not plugged in tightly, phone case is too thick or with magnetic/metal/foreign objects, it will cause the device to be unresponsive, slow to charge or hot.

What Happens to Your Car’s Battery When You Charge Your Phone?

To begin with, the USB connector in your car doesn’t provide nearly enough power for your phone. The device may charge slowly or not at all. This usually occurs when the phone drains more power than the vehicle can supply.

Even though the current needed to charge a phone would come from the car’s battery, the amount of power that would be drawn is insignificant. Therefore, it doesn’t change how well the car’s battery works. This is not an issue if your vehicle is relatively new and has good batteries. However, if your car has a weak battery, you might want to think twice before charging your phone.

Tips for Charging Your Phone in the Car

One would think that as more smartphone capabilities are introduced, the battery capacity would increase proportionately. However, the battery capacity has barely changed compared to other smartphone technology advancements over the past years.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to go a whole day without recharging your iPhone or Android as the drain on its battery from running complex apps increases. Consequently, a phone charger is essential in your vehicle since you will need to recharge your phone more often.

With so many options available, it’s important to know ways to keep your batteries in good shape.

Prevent the Car Battery from Draining

When you’re not using the car phone charger, you should detach it from the power supply so that it does not discharge your vehicle’s battery. If you leave your charger plugged in while the engine is off, the car battery will drain even if it isn’t charging anything, which could frustrate you or delay your morning plans.

However, quality iPhone and Android car chargers include the protection that may turn off charging once your phone is completely charged, preventing unnecessary drain on your vehicle’s battery. Check to see if the charger offers these safeguard qualities, which will prevent the battery in your vehicle from discharging after your device has been fully charged.

Use a Compatible Charger

When shopping for a car charger, check to see if it is ideal for the devices you plan on charging. Some older vehicle phone chargers may not be compatible with modern devices since they were made before the universal USB charger standards were implemented. This means you should never leave home without the appropriate chargers for your devices.

Preserve Your Phone’s Battery Life

Yes, it is possible to overdo good things. If you don’t unplug your phone after it has reached full capacity, the battery will gradually deteriorate, and your phone will not last as long as it otherwise would have. As a preventative measure for your phone’s battery, disconnect the car charger after the phone reaches or nears 100 percent charge. This advice applies to both regular chargers and car phone chargers. If you need to charge your iPhone or Android, try not to do so any longer than is necessary.

Turn off your Phone to Charge Faster

While it’s true that some phones take an inordinately long time to charge, you can still speed up the process. It would be best to switch off your smartphone before plugging it into a car charger. When your phone is turned off and plugged in, it consumes no power, significantly accelerating the charging process.

Go Smart, and Stay Smart

You could buy a regular vehicle charger to keep your phone charged, but a smart charger will make your trips (and regular drives) smoother and more enjoyable. Smart chargers have a wide range of features, including tracking down your car’s parking spot and checking its battery status.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Below are some commonly asked questions in relation to charging your phone in the car.

Is it possible to charge my phone while the car is turned off?

In many vehicles, the cigarette port won’t work until the key is in the ignition and switched to the “accessory” mode. As manufacturers add more and more features to their models, some automobiles may have a permanently active port. With so many factors at play, it’s impossible to provide a definitive response to this inquiry.

Is it risky to leave a USB cord plugged into your car?

Leaving a USB cable plugged in won’t deplete the battery in modern vehicle models. There are, however, a few scenarios in which it would be advisable to always unplug them.

Will my phone charge faster in the car than on the wall socket?

No. In most cases, car charging is less efficient than charging via a wall socket. This is because cars give a lower power output.

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