iWalk Portable Charger 9000mAh with Built-In Cable: The A-Z Guide

Want a credit-card-sized power bank that you can slide into your pocket or bag? The iWalk portable charger is the perfect solution if you’re always on the go and need your devices charged up at all times.

What are the unique features of this power bank, including its power and performance? Let’s jump into everything you need to know about this product.

iWALK Portable Charger 9000mAh Product Overview

iWALK Portable Charger 9000mAh Ultra-Compact Power Bank with Built-in Cable, External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, AirPods, iPad, iPod and More
  • Built-in Lightning Cable:Perfectly compatible with iPhone, just plug the inner lightning cable to charge. No need to carry any extra cables.
  • Super Mini:One of the smallest and lightest 9000mAh portable charger. Size of credit card. You can put in your pocket, clutch bag or purse handbag easily.
  • Super Fast:The built-in lightning cable can fast charge your iPhone - charging iPhone X up to 40% in 30 mins. Solve your daily charging need.
  • Super Powerful:9000mAh add nearly four chargers of iPhone 8, two and a half charges to an iPhone XS, two charges to Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • What You Get:iWALK 9000mAh Power Bank Black x 1, iWALK 9000mAh Power Bank Red x 1.

The iWALK portable charger provides power to your mobile phone or tablet on the go. It’s designed to be easy to carry and store, and it features a built-in cable management system. 

With iWALK, you can charge your devices at work, in the airport, during a power outage – anywhere you need it. 

Overall Design

The iWALK portable charger has a sleek design and it’s lightweight – the size of a credit card. It makes it one of the amazingly smallest power banks on the market.

You can drop it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack without a hassle. That’s because iWALK’s ultra- compact design makes it easy to move around with you wherever you go.

You can use it as a spare battery for your phone or tablet when you’re hard at work. Or even as an emergency power source in case something happens to your home’s electricity supply.

It has an LED light indicator that will show you how much power is left in the charger or when the device is on. This feature is handy because it prevents you from leaving your portable charger on when it’s not in use. In this way, you can save power. 

The power bank’s case is made from ABS plastic, which gives it a smooth and robust body. It comes in black and white. 

Overall, the iWALK portable charger is a travel-friendly device you can use with any gadget. It’s compatible with almost all iPhones and other phone brands. 

Key Product Specification

  • Capacity: 9000mAh
  • Small size: 1.93 inches in width by 3.3 inches in length
  • Weight: 3.3 oz / 95 g
  • Charging technology: USB Type C, Lightning

Charging Capacity: Power & Power Performance

The iWALK Portable Charger 9000mAh has a power output of 5V/2A. It means that it can provide up to 2 amps of power for charging your devices quickly and efficiently. It also has a power input of 5V/1A.

It can juice up your phone twice or more before it needs to be recharged. It’s useful when you’re traveling or if you’re out all day without access to an electrical outlet.

For example, you can expect to power an iPhone XS twice, and an iPhone 8 four times. You’ll also need two chargers for a Samsung Galaxy 10. Of course, bigger gadgets, such as tablets will need more power.

Duo portable charger

Another outstanding feature of the iWalk portable charger is that you can charge two devices simultaneously. You can do this in two ways: via the USB Type-C port and lightning cable.

But note that the lightning technology is solely for Apple products. And you must use the USB Type-C to lightning cable to power more than one Apple device at the same time. You can purchase it separately on Amazon.

Fast-charging device

Juicing your power bank is a piece of cake. Use the USB Type-C to standard USB cord and connect it to a standard USB port. It charges faster due to its Quick Charge 3.0 technology, but your power source should be compatible.

A maximum of three hours is enough to fully juice up the iWalk power bank. Also, because of its Quick Charge 3.0, an iPhone X can increase from 0-40 percent in battery power in nearly 30 mins.

It’ll take less than an hour for your device to be full. 

The portable charger’s protective feature

Finally, the iWalk power bank has a short circuit protective mechanism. It’s a brilliant feature because it can stop your device from overcharging.

Substandard portable chargers can excessively juice up your phone. And this can cause irreparable damage.

The iWalk Portable Charger 9000mAh is the ultimate charging device for all of your mobile devices. Its powerful battery can charge your phone up to three times or more before you recharge it again.

In addition, it offers you the freedom to work and play without worrying about running out of power.

Connection type

The iWALK power bank can charge your iPhone or iPad through its inbuilt lightning cable. To charge your iPhone, simply plug the portable charger’s lightning cable into your device’s outlet. It’ll automatically stop charging when your battery is full.

Want to power Android gadgets? Use the USB cable, specifically USB Type-C to Type-C or Type-C to Micro USB. You can get this type of cord at your local stores.

However, you can opt for a wireless charger, such as the iWalk magnetic power bank to avoid using cables. Modern phones have wireless capabilities.

What Is Inside the Box?

When you open the box, you’ll get the following items:

  • iWALK 9000mAh Power Bank x 1
  • USB-C cable x 1
  • A manual or welcome guide
  • Certificate label on quality pass

iWalk also offers friendly customer service. The process of filing a warranty claim is pretty fast. You can expect a response within a short time because the company has a 24/7 customer support line. And your replacement can reach your doorstep ASAP.

Suitable for?

The iWalk portable charger is perfect for travelers, minimalists, and business people.

Pros and Cons of the iWalk Portable Charger


  • Easy to use
  • Small in size
  • Stylish design
  • Packs 9000aAh battery capacity
  • Excellent recharging time


  • Requires extra cables for Android devices
  • Lacks waterproof capabilities


The iWALK Portable Charger 9000mAh is ideal for charging mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. It has a built-in cable and can charge devices at the same time.

It has an advanced power management system that ensures maximum charging efficiency. The battery pack has two USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices, and a micro USB port for juicing the battery pack itself. It also comes with a built-in flashlight, which is great for nighttime use.  

It’s designed for convenience on the go –  it’s sleek, lightweight, compact, and durable. This makes it perfect for travel or everyday use as you can slot it in a bag or pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions About the iWalk Charger

How long does an iWALK charger last?

It can juice up your smartphone up to 40 percent in an hour.

How do you charge an iWALK charger?

Charging the iWalk charger is relatively easy. You can charge it through a USB port or by using the included AC adapter. Plug in your device and power the iWalk charger on. 

How do you know when the iWALK portable charger is fully charged?

It has a battery power level indicator – all lights will be lit when it’s fully charged, and the last light will blink after pushing the button when it’s running out of charge.

How many charges does an iWALK have?

The iWalk has a built-in Lightning and USB-C charging cable. You’ll get 30 mins of charge for an iPhone X from 0% to 40%.

This charger has two ports and pass-through technology. It means that you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. One port can power up your phone while the other charges your laptop.

How do I turn off the iWALK charger?

Press the button twice to turn off the charge function or it will power off after 30 seconds of non-usage.

How do I charge my iWALK 9000?

Attach the provided cord to your device and connect it with the reversible Type-A, Type-C, micro USB, and lightning cable. It can charge several devices at once!

Why is the light on my battery charger blinking?

The charge light may flash if the environment is too cold. If this happens, you can place the charging unit in a warmer place or charge it manually by pressing and holding the charge button for at least 4 seconds.

The battery pack has not been used for a long time. You might want to check the connection to find out if it is too loose or needs to be repaired.

Why is my battery blinking red?

The charger blinks red to show that the batteries are bad. There are a few different ways to fix bad batteries when you can’t charge them. If the light blinks red within five seconds of insertion, it means there’s probably something wrong with your battery.

Is an iWalk portable charger good?

This charging device is a good size and will fit in your purse. It can be useful when you don’t have space for a wall charger, such as on public transport or at work.

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