The A – Z Guide To Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone

If you own an iPhone, it’s probably your lifeline. The Apple smartphone not only makes calls and texts for you but also acts as a digital diary for you. Whenever you charge your device, you need to keep in mind how much it can take and for how long the battery will last. With so many new features available with the latest operating system, iOS, every new version introduces some battery optimization features.

Let’s dive into Optimized Battery Charging on the iPhone, how it works, and why you should care about it.  

What Is Optimized Battery Charging?

optimized battery charging

Optimized Battery Charging is a default mechanism on iPhones relying on the iOS 13 or later operating system. It’s software that monitors your phone’s battery health and slows down its aging. 

With optimized battery charging, you can juice up your iPhone at a slower rate than the regular setting. Your mobile device will charge at 80% when it’s plugged in. 

The system can also tell when you’re likely to disconnect your smartphone from the charger. It’ll then stop the battery from reaching 100%.

Also, the default feature checks how you use your iPhone every day. And it keeps track of extended periods of usage, especially when you go to bed.

Why Won’t My Phone Charge Past 80?

There are many different reasons why your phone may not charge past 80%.

Optimized Battery Charging

Your iPhone can’t charge beyond 80% because of the default battery optimization feature in all iOS 13 devices. It causes sluggish charging to prevent your phone from being overstressed. 

Old Phone Charger

Another reason your phone won’t charge past 80% is that you could have an old charger. If you have a charger from 3-5 years ago, it might not be compatible with your current phone. To fix this problem, you can either invest in a new charger or purchase a universal adapter. 

Bad Cable

If the cable that you use to charge your phone is faulty, it may not work as well as it should. This can happen because the wire or port on your phone might be damaged or stressed out. Your phone will likely show an error message on your screen if the charger or cable is faulty.

Try using a different cord or charger to see if it charges your phone faster.

Too Much Resistance

All smartphones have a charge limit. When your device doesn’t charge past 80%, there is likely too much resistance in the cable or port. One of the most common causes is when you try to plug in the charger while your phone is still plugged into the wall. This can cause an electrical shock and damage your phone.

There’s a Problem With Your USB Port

You may also have a problem with your USB port if your phone is charging but not getting past 80%. The port could be damaged or prevent connection due to debris or dust that has collected inside.

You’re Overcharging Your Phone

You might be overcharging your mobile device. You may have damaged the charging port if you’re constantly plugging your phone in and unplugging it. Or, maybe the charger that came with your phone isn’t charging it properly.

A lot of the time, an older charger can cause your device to not charge properly. In these cases, you should consider buying a new charger or adapter.

Incorrect Connections

One common reason why phone batteries may die is because of incorrect connections. To charge your phone, you need to plug it into a wall outlet or USB port. You won’t be able to charge your phone if the wires connecting these ports are not making good contact. 

Another possible cause of low battery life could be bad connections in the battery itself. This can occur if you use your phone for extended periods and it starts to overheat. 

How To Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging

When you first enable it, your iPhone will start charging slower than the normal setting. You can also monitor how much battery life you have left and the current charge level with the Battery section in Settings.

You can also manage the Battery Usage option to set the priority for which apps are allowed to use power. From here, you can see how much battery life is being used by each app and decide which ones you want to prioritize.

Follow these steps to turn off optimized battery charging:

Choose Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging

Is Optimized Battery Charging Good?

Here are some benefits of an optimized battery.

Longer Battery Life

When your device is on Optimized Battery Charging, the battery will charge at a slower rate. It means it will power up for a longer period.

But slow charging makes your battery last longer. That’s because it prevents chemicals from the electrical current from reacting in the battery. As a result, it extends the life of your lithium-ion battery.

Less Risk of Battery Failure

Optimized Battery Charging is less likely to cause your iPhone battery to fail than an overly rapid charge.  However, a rapid charge is much more likely to cause it to fail early. 

Frequently asked questions about optimized battery charging?

Should I turn off Optimized Battery Charging?

It depends. You can disable the feature if you want to quickly charge your phone to 100%. 

Should I turn on Optimized Battery Charging iPhone?

It depends. Apple recommends this feature because it keeps your battery healthy and extends its life span. So, yes, it’s worth it to use this iOS default mechanism for the sake of your battery. And it’s handy when you want to charge your phone overnight while you’re in bed.

What happens if you turn off Optimized Battery Charging?

Your phone’s battery will automatically charge faster to reach 100%. It’ll pass the 80% battery capacity.

Does Optimized Battery Charging power up your phone slower?

Yes, it does. This iOS software prevents your phone from charging beyond 80%. It’ll then juice up the remaining 20% at a specific time.  And this depends on what time you wake up in the morning. 

Optimized Battery Charging is a slow method of charging your gadget. 

Is Optimized Battery Charging on Airpods Pro different? 

No, it’s not. It’s a default feature on the newest Apple products to keep your battery in good shape. You can turn it off on your Airpods by following these instructions:

Select  Bluetooth > More Information >Optimized Battery Charging (turn it off or on).

At what percentage should I charge my iPhone?

Keep your phone between 40% and 80%, according to Apple’s advice. It keeps your battery healthy and extends its life span. Even if you charge your phone to the maximum percentage, it won’t harm your gadget.

Is it OK to leave the iPhone charging overnight?

Yes, it’s alright to do so. 

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