Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow: Causes and Fixes

Wireless chargers are now a common sight in many homes. However, if you have a Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow, you’ll need to troubleshoot the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. And it means that the wireless charger is not receiving power. This article will explore the causes of the Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow and how you can fix it effortlessly. 

What Does It Mean When a Samsung Wireless Charger Blinks Yellow?

When a wireless charger blinks yellow, it usually means that the power source is disconnected or working improperly. In this case, the abort mode is on and shows that your device isn’t charging. Your Samsung phone can only receive power if the yellow light stops blinking. Unplug the charger from the power source to reset the abort mode. After several minutes, reconnect it to resume charging. If it doesn’t work, the charging tool has more problems. 

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Causes and Fixes of Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow

The Samsung wireless charger is a charging pad that can load your device wirelessly. It’s designed to work with the Qi standard, which means it’ll work with any gadget that has wireless charging capabilities. It’ll blink yellow when there is a problem with the charger. There are various reasons why this might happen and we’ll discuss them below.

Incompatible Pad, Cable, or Adapter

You’ve tried to reset the abort mode, but your Samsung charger is still blinking yellow. One possible reason for this is using a cable, pad, or AFC that’s incompatible with your phone. Check if these appliances work well with your Samsung device to ensure compatibility. Also, make sure the cable that the supplier delivered together with the phone is original. You can find out by buying another one from Amazon at a reasonable price to fix the charging problem.

Impaired Plug or Charging Cord

The Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow could be due to a damaged plug or cord. The older the charger, the more it becomes easy to get impaired. Replacing it with a new one can help solve the charging issue. Pets or kids can chew the cord or break it, so look for any possible signs on both ends of the cable.

After you’ve connected your phone for charging, check if you’ve properly plugged in the cord on the adapter and pad. That’s because if the connection is partial, the yellow light could blink. 

Fragile Wall Adapter

Are you using a charger that powers two phones but with a single wireless adapter? You’re likely to experience the Samsung charger blinking yellow challenge. The wireless charger adapter can’t load more than one phone. Use the correct appliance to fix the issue. 

However, if you still prefer the single wireless charger, purchase an adapter with at least 2amps or more. It’s normal for these devices to become weaker and weaker over time, so replacing them is essential to avoid the yellow blink.

Phone case blocking the connection

In some cases, your phone case may cause the Samsung charger to blink yellow. That’s because it may interfere with the connection if it’s over 3mm thicker in size. Or if the case material is made from silicone or plastic, it can result in charging issues.  Fix this issue by removing the case to charge your phone directly. And check if the yellow light has disappeared. 

NFC interference

Near Field Communication or NFC is a wireless technology that allows the transmission of data between two devices that are close to each other. Sometimes it may lead to the Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow. You need to disable this feature on your phone via Settings. Look for the “More networks” option to locate NFC and then turn it off. After a few seconds, turn it on again to resume charging your phone.

Phone position restricts charging

You may also be facing charging problems because of the phone’s direction. If you are using a Samsung wireless charger in an area with poor reception, it’ll also cause your charger to blink yellow. It cannot receive enough power from the source to charge your device at its maximum speed. 

Try moving it in various positions to determine the perfect angle for charging. If the yellow light stops blinking, it means the charging spot is ideal for your device.  Lastly, metallic objects, such as credit cards or keys can hinder charging. Ensure that your gadget is far away from these things.

Why Is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Blue? 

The flashing blue light on your wireless charger shows a lack of connection to appliances. As stated earlier, repositioning your phone and the pad may solve the issue. In some situations, the blue light may flash if the phone battery is full or when you’ve been charging it for a while. Lift and place your gadget again on the pad to solve this. 

Also, note that the solid blue light means that your phone has an excellent connection.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Samsung Charger Blinking Yellow

Why Is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Red?

A blinking red light indicates that either your phone is incompatible with your wireless charger or it’s in an incorrect position. Deal with the first problem by replacing your charger.  For the second challenge, always place your phone in the middle of the charger. 

Why Is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Green?

The Samsung wireless charger blinks green due to the device charging improperly. Do the following to rectify the problem: unplug and plug the cord again and remove any metallic materials near the phone. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Recharge My Phone?

Typically, your device should take a minimum of three hours to get full if everything is in tiptop shape. However, some models need five hours to reach 100%. Anything above this could mean that the charger or your gadget is malfunctioning. 

How Do I Know If I Have Selected the Proper Wireless Charger?

To determine if the charger is legit, check if the battery icon is available on your device’s screen. The Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow light will appear if the appliances are incompatible. 

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