The 5 Best Magnetic Charging Cables

A phone without a charger is just an expensive paperweight, which is why investing in a good charger is so necessary. But charging cables have a habit of wearing out, fraying, and breaking down.

If you don’t act quick enough, a broken charging cable can result in a phone that doesn’t work.

What everyone needs is a durable charging cable that works quickly to keep our cell phones charged. This is where the magnetic charging cable comes in.

Marketed as a strong and efficient alternative to the traditional charging cable, they’ve become one of the most popular charging solutions around.

If you’re interested in purchasing a magnetic charging cable, we have everything you need to know. A magnetic charging cable should be an investment, as you want this rugged cable to last for some time. Use this guide to find the right choice of magnetic charging cable for you.

5 Best Magnetic Charging Cables

Before we dive in, here’s a quick run down of the best features of our top magnetic charger cable picks. 

  • NetDot - With data transfer and fast-charging enabled, this functional design adds versatility to the charging cable. Unfortunately, a lack of backwards compatibility can make them an expensive pick.
  • Digital Ant - Digital Ant stands out on the marketplace thanks to a bright red casing, fast-charging possibilities, and impressive data transfer. 
  • Terasako - Simple, but capable, the Terasako magnetic cable features enough tips to charge a huge range of devices for a long time. 
  • TOPK - Although TOPK lacks some advanced features, the choice of charging angles make them useful for the everyday. As does the budget-friendly price.
  • AUFU - A 540-degree rotation sets AUFU apart, and makes them one of the most usable chargers around. But the magnetic tips do struggle with durability.


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The NetDot Gen12 magnetic charging cable is the best release from NetDot so far, and possibly the best magnetic charging cable available.

Accommodating both data transfer and fast-charging, this affordable cable is a fantastic choice if you’ve never owned a magnetic charger before.

This impressive 5-pack comes with everything you need to get started with magnetic charging cables. Multiple cord lengths, and 10 connectors for both USB-C and Micro USB means you can charge a variety of devices easily.

A braided finish gives the cords an impressive durability.

But the amount of tips and cords in a pack isn’t the only way NetDot excels at comprehensive features. Data transfer and fast charging capabilities make the NetDot magnetic cables an inclusive choice.

Fast-charging is supported up to 9V/2A for Android devices, with the max charging current set at 3A. 480Mbps data-sync allows you to quickly transfer data, with minimum fuss.

A side LED light, and magnetic snap-on connections, makes it easy to plug in your NetDot charging cable. Even when you’re driving, or in the dark. A strong magnetic force provides a stable connection, and you don't have to worry about the charger falling out.

The biggest flaw to NetDot is a lack of backwards capability. The Gen12 tips can’t be used with Gen10 cables, and vice versa. Frustrating, but with a charger this good, it isn’t a dealbreaker.


  • 480Mbps data transfer - NetDot cables support data transferring, making a versatile charging cable.
  • Fast-charging - Supports up to 9V/2A fast-charge for Android smartphones.
  • LED-light - Easily find your charger in the dark.


  • No backwards compatibility - Older generations of the NetDot cable can’t support newer technologies. If you need to replace anything, you have to upgrade the entire charging system.


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The bright red of the Digital Ant magnetic charging cables help them to stand out from the pack, but these cables are more than just a bold color palette. The Digital Ant charging cables are a versatile pick, with plenty of features to suit your needs.

Digital Ant construct their magnetic chargers with 48 yarn nylon braided across the length of the cable. This provides durability and a stable construction, so you don’t have to worry about dropping connection.

A unique embedded connector sits in the aluminum alloy casing, supporting this stability. Weak points are reduced, so you have a long-lasting cable at a decent price.

As well as looking good, the Digital Ant Gen-X magnetic cable can support both fast-charging and data sync. With a maximum charging current up to 3A, your devices are charged and ready to go in no time at all.

480Mbps data transfer is an impressive addition, and really makes this into a versatile cable.

And it also uses an LED light, so you can easily find your device in the dark. A strong magnetic connection helps you to snap the charger into place one-handed, and a simple lifting method disconnects the charger without pulling on the cable.

The Gen-X is an improved release from Digital Ant, and the 180-day guarantee gives some reassurance of quality. A versatile charging solution.


  • 5000+ bending resistance - Nylon braiding across the cable adds durability and strength to the design.
  • Fast-charging - Supports a maximum charging current up to 3A, so you can quickly power up devices.
  • 180-day guarantee - A decent guarantee that provides some reassurance of quality.


  • No lightning tip - Despite the fact Digital Ant used to provide a lightning adapter tip, it’s no longer available. Apple users will have to look elsewhere.


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The Terasako magnetic charging cable helps itself stand-out from the crowd with a few design features that increase ease-of-use.

And as the pack contains 6 different magnetic charging cords, and 12 tips, you might find the Terasako is the only charging solution you need.

The first feature we have to mention is the 360 degree rotating head. This allows you to connect the tip at any angle, for one-handed charging in any situation. An LED light means even in dark rooms, connection is quick.

Second, the 90-degree angle of the cable makes them easier to hold and use. Most connectors stick straight out the bottom, which makes using your phone in landscape mode incredibly uncomfortable.

With a 90-degree connector, the phone and charger fits neatly into your hand.

What you get with the Terasako multipack is another reason we love this magnetic charging cable. It comes equipped with 6 charging cords, in four lengths. The 2 three-feet cords and 2 six-feet cords are ideal for daily use.

The 1-foot and 10-foot cord ensure you can always have your phone where you need it to be. Type-C tips, i-product tips, and micro USB tips are all included, so you can charge almost any device you have at home.

Although the Terasako does come with an impressive design and build, it lacks some versatility. It isn’t fast-charge capable, and there’s no data transfer. That limits the potential use of the Terasako magnetic cable.

However, despite being basic, they aren’t particularly cheap cables. Instead, you’re paying for the sheer amount included in the pack.


  • 360-degree rotation - Plug in at any angle, and connection starts instantly.
  • 3 types of tips - With a micro USB, a USB-C and a lightning tip, this works for multiple devices.
  • 90-degree angle - Easy to charge your phone, and hold in landscape mode.


  • Simplistic - Without fast-charge and data transfer, the Terasako lacks the versatility of other magnetic charging cables.


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The TOPK magnetic charging cables are some of the most popular on the market, thanks to their reliability and durable designs. The TOPK chargers really work for you, with a rotating magnetic head that makes charging easier than ever. 

4 cables, 4 USB-C connectors, and 4 micro USB connectors are included in this pack by TOPK, which covers an impressive range of devices. The cable lengths are 1-foot and 6.6-foot at a straight angle, and 3.3-foot and 6.6-foot at a 90-degree angle.

The 90-degree cords are fantastic if you use your smartphone for gaming or watching videos, as it allows you to hold the phone landscape. The more traditional straight angle works with all cases, and is comfortable in portrait-mode.

The TOPK cables have all the basics you look for in a magnetic charging cable, including a decent price. An LED light helps guide the easy connection, and a 360-degree rotation makes that connection even quicker.

Insert the magnetic tip into the phone, and it provides a dust-free cover to improve longevity. And the strong magnetic absorption keeps the connection from dropping.

TOPK magnetic cables are simple, so they lack data transfer, reducing versatility. They also aren’t fast-charge compatible, although a max output of 5V/2.4A is still impressive. And the price is low enough that you won’t miss the extras.


  • Price - This is a budget option for a magnetic cable.
  • Durable nylon braiding - The braided nylon cable will stay durable through 10,000+ bends.
  • 90-degree and straight angle - The different angle for the charging port is a nice addition, and increases the use of these cables.


  • Simplistic - With no data transfer and no fast-charging, this cable might not do everything you need it to.


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Although the AUFU may not be our top pick, there are plenty of reasons to consider this magnetic charging cable. The pack contains three 6.6-feet cables, which are nylon braided to withstand over 10,000 bends.

480Mbps data transfer, and fast-charging with a 3A max means this is a magnetic charging cable you can’t ignore.

But what we really like about the AUFU is the 540-degree rotation offered by the heads. That means that when you charge, you can pick a cable angle that’s most comfortable for you.

And you can do that without having to mess about with your cables. Instead, plug in, and rotate the neck of the cable. Now you can charge more comfortably than ever. An impressively strong magnet keeps the cable steady even as you rotate and adjust.

The AUFU isn’t our favorite magnetic charging cable for durability, but the unusual rotating feature certainly makes it worth considering — especially for gamers.


  • 540-degree rotation - An impressive extra feature that allows you to adjust the cable to your needs exactly.
  • Fast-charge capability - Supports a charge up to a maximum speed of 3A.
  • Data-transfer capability - Sync data at a maximum speed of 480Mbps.  


  • Short tip lifespan - Frequent usage can reduce the lifespan of the magnetic tips quickly.

What Are Magnetic Charging Cables, And Are They Any Good?

A magnetic charging cable is similar to the standard charging cable, only it has a magnetic tip that plugs into your electronic device. The first advantage of this is versatility. By changing the only tip rather than the entire cord, a single cable can be used for many devices.

Secondly, the tip can stay inside the cell phone (or other device), detached from the cable. This reduces the pressure put onto the cable, and increases durability. Many magnetic charging cables come with various tips to choose between.

Because of this magnetic tip, these cables can often be used one-handed. Not only is this helpful when driving, it’s a fantastic bonus for those who are vision impaired, elderly, or suffering with muscle problems.

A magnetic charging cord will typically be wrapped in a braided nylon finish, making the cable even more durable. Unlike the standard rubber coating of traditional charging cables, the braided finish can withstand the bends and twists that accompany a charge cycle.

There’s further durability provided by the way the magnetic tip connects to the cord. In traditional cables, this is a serious weak point. Thanks to the impressive magnetic connection, this weak point is removed.

Finally, the magnetic charging cable represents innovation, and so frequently comes equipped with the latest technology. Of course, this isn't true for all magnetic cables. But as the freshest technology on the market, the magnetic charging cable keeps up with other innovations.

If you’ve been diligently keeping your phone away from magnets, then you might be confused by the rise of the magnetic charging cable.

Don’t worry, they can’t damage your phone. In fact, you’d need an incredibly powerful magnet to harm a smartphone, and household magnets don’t have that kind of power. So, the magnetic charging cable is safe to use. 

Do Magnetic Charging Cables Support Fast Charging?

Yes, some magnetic charging cables do support fast-charging. However, not all of them do. 

In many ways, the magnetic charging cable is pretty similar to the original charging cable. There are premium brand options that are packed full of features, and come with a larger price tag. And then there are budget options. These only work as a basic charger, but they get the job done.

Some magnetic chargers are equipped with QualComm 2.0, providing quick charge to supported devices. Others are compatible with Power Delivery. If your device supports it, these cables can deliver fast-charge.

A rough average charge speed of a magnetic charging cable is upwards of 5V/2.4A. More powerful charging cables may have 9V/3A, or even 20V/5A. It really does depend on the manufacturer, as well as the cable itself.

That said, magnetic chargers are often likely to support fast-charging, when compared to non-magnetic varieties. Before purchasing, make sure to check the exact specifications of your cable.

Is Data Transfer Possible With A Magnetic Charging Cable?

As with fast-charging, data transfer depends on the exact make of cable on offer. Some magnetic cables will allow for both data transfer and charging. However, budget options will only be able to charge.

If you’re interested in choosing a magnetic charging cable, it’s important to understand exactly what each model is capable of. Like the traditional charger, magnetic cables are not all the same.

While some combine the magnetic charge with a host of interesting features, other cables are designed simply to get your device to full power.

Magnetic charging cables can sound complicated at first, but they aren’t that different from the traditional charger. And even simple magnetic charging cables come with the fantastic magnetic tips, which makes charging easier. 

If you’re interested in a durable magnetic charger, then this guide can help you choose between 5 of the best.

Final Thoughts

There are many magnetic charging cables on the market, with a distinctive range of quality. The options we’ve covered on this list are our favorites, and we think you’ll like them as well.

The 5 Best Magnetic Charging Cables

But before you dive into the world of magnetic charging cables, you have to decide exactly what’s important to you.

If you value a fast-charge, and frequently transfer data, then the NetDot magnetic charger is perfect. It allows you to quickly charge and data-sync, with a versatile design that’s easy to use. Digital Ant also offers data transfer and fast-charging, in a stylish red package.

But if you want something simple, the durable Terasako and TOPK magnetic charging cables are excellent choices. Strong, and with enough tips and cords included to charge multiple devices, these basic cables have plenty of uses.

And if you just can’t resist using your phone as it charges, then the rotating AUFU tips are ideal.

Whatever type of charging cable you need, we’re sure one of these choices will be right for you. 

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