The Best Smart Backpacks With Charger

With the advancement of technology it was only a matter of time before backpacks got the upgrade too. We can see why smart backpacks are incredibly helpful for people who commute to work or in general just do a lot of their work on their laptop. 

So what is a smart backpack, well a smart backpack is quite simple really it is a backpack that comes equipped with features such as, built in batteries, USB ports and cables.

These can be used to charge devices such as smartphones, cameras, tablets and any other type of device that requires a USB to charge. The purpose of these backpacks is simple, to make your life easier.

There are two types of smart backpacks, Ones that will have USB ports and cables. These come without a battery, in which case you will need to purchase a power bank. Then there are the backpacks that have a battery already.

Lots of these have batteries that you can remove. Then some will have batteries that can’t be removed as they are built in. The only way to remove them would run the risk of tearing the bag.

Due to smart backpacks coming more and more into prominence we’ve compiled a list for you that will identify the best smart backpacks on the market.


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This smart backpack has a space-like feel to it in terms of its aesthetics. It seriously feels like it has just come off of a spaceship. It is fitted with USB charging so you should be able to charge any device that you need. 

It has a 5000mAh power bank which is built into the backpack. This can power the bluetooth speakers which are also built in by the way. You can use this power bank to charge your devices. 

The smart backpack is also incredibly durable as it is both shock resistant and water resistant, so don’t fear if you are walking to work and a rain cloud appears above you. Your items will be fine, even if you drop the smart backpack.


  • Very durable
  • Built in speakers
  • Can charge your devices.


  • Quite a heavy backpack weighing in at 5 pounds


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This smart backpack is pretty special. It uses solar power to power its power bank which can be used to charge your devices such as, smartphones, digital cameras and tablets, as well as many more.

It also has a very modern design which provides lots of space for your items.

Like mentioned above it uses solar to power its power bank which is 24000mAh which can help give you charge wherever you are in the world. Connecting your device directly to the solar panel can be difficult because of how solar energy fluctuates.

The power bank will charge itself however from the solar panel. You should also note that the power bank can be charged by being plugged into a wall which in many cases is quicker than letting solar power charge it up.

The smart backpack is also water resistant so rain won’t cause any issues for you.


  • Will provide device with a fast charge
  • Water resistant
  • Lots of space


  • Solar panels can sometimes take a while to power up the power bank.


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The Artix power bank backpack is a water resistant backpack so you won’t need to worry about your appliances getting wet when you have zipped them up.

It has a built in 7000mAh power bank which is used to charge your appliances up. It also has three USB cables so you can charge more than one device at a time.

It has great storage capacity including a laptop sleeve which will fit a 15 inch laptop. It also has other pockets and areas for storage so that you can fit your tablets, cameras and smartphones if need be. 

It is a perfect smart backpack for both commuters and students due to its size and charging capabilities. Remember it is only water resistant and cannot be fully submerged in water.


  • Can charge three different devices at once.
  • Water resistant
  • Great storage


  • Basic design


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The Power/keep pro backpack is an incredible smart backpack. It has a completely detachable solar panel and also a 10000mAh power bank.

This can be used to charge a variety of different items including speakers, smartphones, cameras and wireless headphones.

The solar panel is detachable which is very unique considering many of the backpacks that have a solar panel are not detachable. You can also replace the power bank with one that has a higher capacity if you see fit.

It is quite a light backpack considering the solar panel and power bank, it can also be turned into a briefcase as it has a handle that you can carry which can make it great for travelling or when you are on vacation.


  • Can charge two devices at the same time
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable solar panel


  • Can feel uncomfortable on your back.


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This particular backpack is an incredibly affordable backpack and also a very practical one too. It provides a 4000mAh power bank which is built into the backpack, which will give you at least 1 full charge.

This should be enough for someone who is thinking of using the backpack every day.

This smart backpack will also provide lots of storage as it has lots of different compartments.

It is an extremely light backpack weighing just under 2 pounds making it a great backpack for if you like to go on long runs where you will need to charge your device up.

Like mentioned this is an incredibly affordable smart backpack and for what it offers is a brilliant product. You can  even charge more than one appliance at a time which is an added bonus.


  • Charge multiple devices
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage


  • Small capacity for battery


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Another incredibly affordable smart backpack. This backpack has plenty of storage for all of your appliances as well as providing a headphone port. There are multiple pockets on this backpack which help provide the storage. 

It is also water resistant and tear resistant making it an incredibly durable backpack also. It is also incredibly lightweight weighing only 1.68 pounds. As well as being a durable backpack it is also available in lots of different colors for you to choose from.

You will however have to provide your own power bank but that provides an ability to purchase a very good power bank that has lots of charges available and not just a standard power bank that you can’t replace.


  • Durable
  • Lots of storage
  • Water resistant and tear resistant


  • Will need to provide own power bank


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Providing you with a bluetooth speaker makes the Deco gear backpack an incredibly good one for people who envision themselves sitting around a picnic listening to music or even if you are at a party.

The backpack also provides a drinks pocket which is insulated and will keep your drink cool. It even comes with a bottle opener. This smart backpack is the perfect backpack for the partiers. 

It will also provide the user with an incredibly powerful power bank that has a capacity of 10000mAh. This will allow you to charge your devices as you see fit, even two at the same time. This is the perfect backpack for festival season.


  • Can charge multiple devices at once
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Insulated pocket for beverages


  • Only comes in one color.


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The SolarGoPack does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides its users with an ability to charge their devices through the power bank and the solar panel. The power bank has a high capacity of 10000mAh. This will ensure that your device will reach full charge.

The power bank and solar panel are also water resistant as this smart backpack was designed with people who love the outdoors in mind. This means that if you’ve gone for a hike or a run you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining the electrical appliances.

The backpack is also very lightweight and has lots of different pockets that will increase storage.

They really have thought of everything for this smart backpack. You’ll have room for anything that you feel you need to bring without feeling like you are over stuffing the backpack.


  • Very lightweight
  • Solar powered
  • Can charge multiple devices at once.


  • Not a laptop bag more for outdoorsy people.


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This is an incredibly adjustable backpack that will provide you with comfort due to it being so adjustable.

It is also very durable and water resistant so you won’t need to worry about your appliances getting wet during light rain; however, this back shouldn’t be fully submerged in water. It is also available in lots of different colors

The backpack also has lots of storage and many different spacious compartments for any items that you may want to bring with you on your trip. The main compartment is able to fit a 15 inch laptop.

It will provide you with a USB charging cable however, you will need to purchase a power bank separately for you to be able to charge your items, this provides you with the chance to have an extremely good power bank instead of a more standard one that some backpacks provide.


  • Durable material
  • Water resistant
  • Available in lots of different colors


  • Will need to provide your own Power bank.


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The YOREPEK smart backpack is another water resistant backpack that will provide you with comfortability knowing that your appliances aren't getting ruined in the rain, although this is only water resistant and you shouldn't submerge the backpack in water fully.

It has a USB port and a headphone hole so you can charge your mobile device as well as listen to music through the headphone hole.

It is also quite a big backpack that provides you with lots of storage. This is the perfect backpack for commuters and students who are always on the go.

It is also an extremely comfortable backpack which is highly important considering that you may be carrying quite heavy items such as a laptop.

Given that it is quite a big backpack you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is also lightweight weighing only 2.18 pounds. You will need to provide your own power bank though as this backpack doesn’t have a built in one.


  • Lots of storage
  • Very Comfy
  • Water resistant and durable in general


  • You will need to provide your own power bank to charge any appliances.

Buyers Guide


Storage is obviously at the forefront of people's minds when it comes to determining which is the best backpack for them. Luckily all of the above stated products provide excellent storage for items such as laptops, tablets, phones and even cameras.

This is highly important for a smart backpack because lots of them come with built in power banks that can often take up space.

As mentioned above the backpacks provided give the user lots of different storage compartments that you can fit any item you wish to in them without feeling like you are just overstuffing the backpack which can increase the weight and in some cases can even cause the backpack to tear.

You should consider storage with great importance when selecting what the best backpack is for you because it can also provide you with more comfort than a backpack where you have stuffed everything in with no order.

The Best Smart Backpacks With Charger

Power Bank Included

As you have read above the majority of smart backpacks have built in power banks that will allow you to charge any of your electrical appliances provided that you have the correct USB ports for them, some are powered by solar and others you will need to regularly charge so that they can provide you with a full charge for your mobile device while you are on the go.

Some of the backpacks mentioned do not come with power banks provided and you will have to provide your own power banks in that case.

You can look at this as a positive or a negative, the backpacks that provide you with a power bank will often only be a standard power bank that may not provide the user with lots of charges before needing to be recharged itself whereas when you can hand pick a power bank you can ensure that the one you have selected is the best on the market and can provide you with lots of charges before it needs to be recharged itself.

Solar Power

The backpacks that use solar panels to power their power banks are again a very nifty idea, this will in some cases prolong the power banks life while charging your devices.

However Solar energy can fluctuate and isn’t always the most reliable. In some cases you are able to detach the solar panel and just use the power bank to charge your device.

However, in regards to the smart backpacks that you can’t remove the solar panel you are in some cases forced to use the type of energy that it provides which like stated above can sometimes fluctuate.

This is something that you should really consider because although solar power does seem like a really good idea at first, it may not be the best option for what your intended use of the smart backpack is.

For example if you are a commuter or student that may need a constant full charge a solar panel may not always be able to provide that for you.


Durability is highly important with any product that you purchase and smart backpacks are no different.

You will want to ensure that your backpack is durable as you may be carrying around with you lots of heavy items which can lead the backpack to tear if it is not made for the weight you end up carrying around or if it is not made from high quality materials, luckily all of the above stated products are all incredibly durable and you shouldn’t have any issue with them breaking on you.

Multiple Devices

The ability to charge multiple devices is an incredible feature of the backpacks provided above, it can ensure that both your laptop and mobile phone are both fully charged by the time you reach your lecture or by the time you arrive at work.

This ability is provided through how many devices the power bank that you have can handle, obviously charging two things at once will minimize the rate in which they charge but it will hardly be noticeable as it won’t exactly be slow.

This is definitely something you should consider when making your final decision.

Water Resistant

Due to the fact that you will often be carrying electrical appliances with you , you will want to ensure that the backpack you select is water resistant so that your items won’t be damaged by water.

It is highly important that you consider this when making your decision as what’s the point of a smart backpack if all of your items are damaged because it couldn’t handle the rain.

It is also important to note that water resistance doesn’t mean that the backpack can be fully submerged in water as this will damage all of your products on the interior of the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Power Banks Provided In The Backpacks?

In some cases yes, the power banks will be provided built into the backpack. However, others may need to provide your own power bank to be able to charge your devices.

This does however give you the ability to select a power bank that has a very high capacity instead of using a more standard power bank with a much lower capacity. If a power bank has a lower capacity it will need to be recharged at a quicker rate than one with a high capacity.

What Is Storage Like On The Smart Backpacks Provided?

Storage with all of the above listed backpacks is incredibly good and they all have plenty of different storage compartments for any items that you may want to bring with you wherever you go. They will also provide compartments to store beverages.

Is The Backpack Being Water Resistant That Important?

Water resistance is highly important because it will put your mind at ease when you have packed any electrical appliances that will be damaged by water. It should be stated that they will not be able to be fully submerged.

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