What Is GaN Technology? Do You Need a GaN Charger?

GaN technology is a breakthrough alternative to traditional power electronics for high-frequency applications. It enables smaller, lighter, and more efficient electronics for producing phone chargers. It’s the first new power semiconductor technology introduced since the invention of SiP or silicon-based power semiconductors. 

GaN offers several advantages over SiP in cost, size, and weight. Let’s explore what GaN technology is and why you should look into buying a Gan charger for your mobile device.

What Is GaN Technology?

GaN (Gallium Nitride) is a semiconductor material that can replace silicon in power electronics. It offers high power densities, low voltage operation, and fast switching times. And it’s an excellent candidate for high-frequency power electronics, such as the power amplifier in smartphones.

Also, GaN is a promising semiconductor material for power electronics thanks to its high electrical breakdown voltage and low thermal resistance. It’s a cutting-edge technology that has led to fast-charging chargers. 

Advantages of GaN over SiP

Here are several incredible benefits of GaN technology.

High breakdown voltage

High breakdown voltage is a key advantage of GaN over SiP. A breakdown occurs when a material’s electric resistance falls to zero, allowing both heat and electricity to flow. A material with high breakdown voltage has a low (but non-zero) resistance to heat flow and a low (but non-zero) resistance to current flow. It’s ideal for high-frequency applications, like iPhones and Samsung devices. 

High efficiency

High efficiency is another advantage of GaN over SiP. A material with high efficiency converts heat into electricity at a lower temperature compared to a material with low efficiency. This leads to low thermal resistance and low operating voltage.

Longer battery life

High-frequency charging ensures that your smartphone’s battery lasts longer. High-speed charging allows the battery to remain fully charged for a longer period. And this is especially crucial for smartphones that rely on high-frequency power electronics.

Improved charging efficiency

In addition, high-frequency charging enables you to power up your device’s battery more quickly than lower-frequency charging. This is especially useful for electric vehicles, as charging can take a long time when using the highway. It’s also handy when the power grid is down.

Smaller battery size

High-frequency charging enables manufacturers to produce smaller batteries and ultra-slim chargers. 

Disadvantages of GaN over SiP

GaN technology has some challenges. Some of them include the following:

High cost

GaN is relatively expensive as compared to SiP. It also has a much higher material consumption as well as a higher production cost.

High thermal resistance

GaN has a high thermal resistance that makes it unsuitable for applications requiring low thermal resistance.

High power consumption

GaN consumes more power than SiP by a small amount. This difference is usually negligible, but it does depend on the application.

High operating temperature

GaN has a relatively high operating temperature as compared to SiP. This affects both thermal resistance and cost.

The importance of high-frequency power electronics in smartphones

Electronics in smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy depend on high-frequency power electronics to operate with high power efficiency. That’s because high-frequency power electronics are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than lower-frequency ones.

These features allow smartphones to have a smaller battery, with longer life. High-frequency electronics in smartphones are also responsible for the high performance of audio and video transmission.

A high-frequency signal can transmit more data over a given frequency range. And it leads to higher quality audio and video transmission. It means your mobile device can transfer data at the speed of lightning.

High-frequency technology also enables faster charging. And the latest smartphones support high-frequency charging, which can provide 10-watt charging or more. 

What Is GaN Charger?

A GaN charger is a type of power supply device that converts alternating current to direct current. This type of charger is also known as a DC-to-DC converter. The charger can convert voltage and current in the same way as a transformer, but with higher efficiency.

Also, it’s ideal for any type of battery, and it does not matter what the voltage is. It can generate high voltage and high frequency. This high voltage and frequency allow for the GaN charger to be more efficient than other types of chargers such as linear power supplies.

GaN chargers are typically used in digital devices with high power requirements, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Smartphone chargers with GaN technology are a perfect solution for those who are always on the go. These chargers can provide more power in a smaller size and are also much safer to use.

Chargers with GaN technology are better at handling high-frequency signals. It means that they can transmit more power without overheating, while also being smaller in size than older models.

Examples of Famous GaN Chargers

The following is an example of popular chargers that use GaN technology.

Anker USB C Charger

Anker USB C Charger, 715 Charger (Nano II 65W), GaN II PPS Fast Compact Foldable Charger for MacBook Pro/Air, Galaxy S20/S10, Dell XPS 13, Note 20/10+, iPhone 13/Pro/Mini, iPad Pro, Pixel, and More
  • The Only Charger You Need: Say goodbye to your old power bricks. Anker 715 Charger (Nano II 65W) has the power you need to fast charge your phone, tablet, and USB-C notebook from a single tiny charger.
  • High-Speed Charging: Charge a 2020 MacBook Air in less than 2 hours, a MacBook Pro 13ʺ at full speed, an iPhone 13 up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger, and charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung Super Fast Charging.
  • Downsized Design: At 58% smaller than an original 61W USB-C charger, and with a foldable plug, Anker Nano II takes up less space while giving you just as much power.
  • Powered by GaN II Technology: With a 100% increase in operating frequency, an innovative stacked design, and an upgraded circuit board structure, GaN II technology makes our latest charger smaller without sacrificing a drop of power.
  • What You Get: Anker 715 Charger (Nano II 65W) / Anker Nano II 65W, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service (cable not included).

This Anker is a high-quality USB-C wall charger that has been designed to charge your devices at the fastest possible speed. It has been built with a premium aluminum alloy casing and will not overheat or break down easily.

It’s an ultra-slim power bank that can be folded up to be as small as your phone. It comes with a built-in cable and can charge any laptop or tablet device quickly and efficiently.

Some of its features include:

  1. Wattage:  65 watts
  2. Connection type: USB-C
  3. USB ports: 1
  4. Voltage: 240 Volts
  5. Weight: 1.65 x 1.42 x 1.74 inches
  6. Color: Black

Baseus (65W GaN)

Baseus PowerCombo 65W, USB C Charger, 6-in-1 GaN3 USB C Charging Station with 2 Outlets, 2 USB C Ports, 2 USB Ports, PPS Fast USB C Wall Charger for MacBook, Steam Deck, iPhone 13, Samsung S22, iPad
  • 【6-in-1 USB C Charger】: With dual AC outlets, two PD USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports (The USB2 port supports single port 60W Max and 18W QC fast charging), Baseus GaN charger enables intelligently deliver power for up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • 【65W PD Fast Charging】: Dual USB-C ports(65W Total Output)support simultaneous high-speed charging of your MacBook Air (45W) and iPhone (20W). The usb c charging station charges a single laptop in just 2 hrs at full 65W, or an iPhone 13 from 0–54% in 30 minutes, or as a perfect Samsung charger block charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung Super Fast Charging.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】: Novel compact usb c wall charger supports USB PD 3.0, QC3.0 and PPS to ensure flawless compatibility charging speeds for virtually all USB powered devices like Laptops, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, smartphones, bluetooth earphone, e-reader, portable speakers, electric shaver, air circulation fan and other device. All in one desktop usb c charging station for office, home and travel.
  • 【Downsized Design GaN Charger】:3.82*1.6* 1.5 inches compact body & travel-friendly design ensures maximum portability wherever you go. Space-saving flat plug power strip with 4.92ft extension power cord allows its power-head to fit flexibly in tight spaces, and a 45° angled plug design that won’t block your duplex wall outlet.
  • 【GaNIII Pro Tech & ETL Certified】: GaN Charger 65W Pro tech makes our latest charger smaller without sacrificing a drop of power, and provides better low-temperature fast charging experience than GaN II. A safety design for the AC port to prevent child putting in fingers meanwhile certified-safe by RoHs, FCC and ETL. Baseus usb c wall Charger adopts UL 94V-0 flame- retardant PC shell, 16AWG extension cord, which has thicker wire core for low heat and higher safety.

Baseus is a wall charger with 3 charging ports and 2 outlets. This product is perfect for people who have a lot of devices that need to be charged.

It has a total output of 65 watts, which is more than enough for most laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And the charger can also charge three devices simultaneously.

The charger’s features include:

  • Wattage: 65
  • Connection type: USB C,Bluetooth
  • USB ports: 6
  • Voltage: 125 Volts (AC)
  • Weight: 2.95 x 1.41 x 1.26
  • Color: Black

UGREEN Nexode (100W USB C Wall Charger)

UGREEN 100W USB C Charger - Nexode 4-Port GaN PD Fast Wall Charger USB-C Power Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, Dell XPS, iPad, iPhone 14/13/12 Series, Galaxy S22/S21, Steam Deck and More
  • 4-in-1 Multiport Charger for More Devices: The Ugreen Nexode USB C Charger has 3 USB-C ports and a USB-A port supplying up to 100W of power. Charge a Phone, tablet, laptop, and more at the same time.
  • Charge 3X Faster: Charge your iPhone 13 to 60% in 30minutes or fully charge your MacBook Pro 16" 2021 in 1.5 hours. With the latest GaN chipset, it's 3X faster than your original iPhone charger.
  • Travel-friendly Compact Design: Nexode's GaN chip and foldable plug allow this 100w USB C wall charger to fit in your palm without sacrificing quality or power.
  • Protect Devices from Heat Damage: The Ugreen Power-X system will never damage your devices, it can intelligently adjust the power output to protect your product's battery. The Over Temperature Protection system takes 5 temperature readings every second for extra security.
  • Wide Compatibility: The Ugreen Nexode 100W gan charger provides fast charging to virtually all USB-A and USB-C phones, tablets, laptops, and more, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and 15-inch/13-inch Dell XPS.

UGREEN Nexode is a high-quality product that can charge up to four devices at the same time. It has four USB ports and one USB-C port. The power adapter is compatible with MacBook Pro and other laptops that have a USB-C port. This is a 4-port USB C PD wall charger with fast charging, which can charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

Here are some of its features:

  • Wattage: 100
  • Connection type: USB-C
  • USB ports: 4
  • Voltage: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A
  • Weight: 8.29 Ounces
  • Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions About GaN Technology Charger

What is a GaN charger?

A GaN charger is a device for charging batteries. It uses a special type of semiconductor that can absorb more energy than regular silicon batteries. It can charge more quickly and efficiently. It also doesn’t generate as much heat, which means it won’t damage the environment or your battery.

Is the GaN charger more efficient?

GaN-based chargers have high efficiencies compared to traditional chargers because they can charge at higher voltages than traditional chargers. And this translates into smaller amounts of electrical power needed to achieve a full charge.

They also use much less energy than traditional chargers thanks to their low operating temperatures and longer lifespan. 

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