Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast?

If your phone is charging super slowly or dying fast it can be incredibly frustrating. If both issues start to occur together, it suggests that the battery is the primary culprit. This means you might have to replace the entire battery.

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

If you can remove your phone’s back panel, however, you can buy a compatible battery and replace the old one. If this is not possible, however, you may need to get in contact with a repair shop and if all else fails, it might be time for a new phone. 

Since it is only rarely that your phone charges slow and dies fast at the same time, this article looks at both why the phone charges slowly and why it dies quickly in separate sections. So keep reading to find out more and identify what the issue is with your phone.

Why Does My Phone Charge So Slowly?

Inadequate Power Source

Not all ports are built the same and not all ports are built for charging. If you are prone to plugging your USB into your laptop to charge, this can result in slow charging as there is a low current delivered to the port.

If you opt to use a power bank, ensure the current it offers is adequate to charge your phone at a decent pace. Some power banks lack enough power to charge your phone as quickly as a wall socket and therefore we only recommend them for emergencies.

Certain wall outlets will only allow you to plug a USB in and this might also lack sufficient current for charging.

Damaged Or Counterfeit Accessories Such As The Charger Or Cable

A damaged cable or charger occurs when you frequently move them about. This is because they can get dusty or damaged in the process or whilst getting tangled mixed in with other wires in your bag or near an extension plug with lots of other cables.

Cables are being dragged and yanked all the time when you stick the connector in and so replacing this is usually the first step in fixing a slow charging phone. 

Always try to use the charger and the cable which came with the phone when you bought it and if you are using a cable from another phone, there’s a high chance it’s compatible with your smartphone but this could be the culprit of slow charging.

Avoid purchasing cheap cables which are incompatible as not only do they slow charging time down, but they also cause damage to your phone and battery. This is why it’s best to stick with a product designed for your phone.

Background Apps

Background apps can be the culprit of your slow charging as if they are left unattended, they might significantly slow down charging and deplete battery life.

To fix this, go to settings, then to battery and battery usage, and keep an eye on the apps that can drain the battery when you are not using them. Uninstall apps that you don’t use very often but take up unnecessary battery power.

Furthermore, ensure you close down apps before you plug the phone in to charge as when charging, they can continue to drain the battery.

Damaged Battery

If your phone is old and you’ve had it for at least a year or two, there is a high chance your slow charging is down to the battery itself. Batteries have a life span of up to 2500 charges and after this, you should think about replacing them.

Current phones do not have a removable back panel and this means the user cannot replace the battery. Your alternative option would be to send the phone to a repair shop to fix this.

There have also been numerous manufacturers which have issued recalls for batches of batteries and if your phone is particularly new, this could be the issue.

Go online and research your phone’s model to see if it was shipped to you with a battery that was already defective and whether or not you can obtain a replacement battery from your carrier or seller.

Using The Phone When Charging

If you’re charging your phone when using it at the same time, the charging pace will be affected. How fast your phone will then charge will be determined by what you are using it for.

If you are using light apps, for example, these consume little battery and result in a minimal reduction of charging speed. However, using many apps at the same time might significantly reduce how fast your battery charges.

It is also considered harmful to the device and battery to use your phone whilst charging as it can cause the device to overheat which over time, can diminish the battery life and battery capacity.

Damaged Port

Your phone’s port can easily become clogged up with tiny particles that have fallen out of your pants or pockets and these can lodge up over time. Use a flashlight to check this out and see if you can spot any dust or particles that need clearing.

Remove whatever is clogging the port with a toothpick but avoid applying too much pressure which can cause further damage. Avoid blowing any air into the port as this can cause corrosion over time. 

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are a thing of luxury in the 21st century but they can also be functional for trips away and avoiding long wires around the house. It eliminates the need to find a cord and connector side to plug into the phone and is super simple to use.

However, wireless chargers can be the culprit of why your phone is charging so slowly and so ensure you are still using wall sockets when you can.

Why Is My Phone Battery Dying So Fast?

Why Is My Phone Battery Dying So Fast?

Using Resource-Intensive Apps

Developers are trying to minimize battery usage of apps, yet these efforts are only effective up to a certain point. If you are using these sorts of apps, it might be why your battery is draining so fast.

Simply altering how you use your phone and what apps you use daily will fix this issue. Video apps often use up a lot of battery and so if you find yourself watching videos on your phone daily, perhaps consider listening to a podcast instead.

Podcasts will give you just as much information but not drain your battery as much.

Leaving Wi-Fi, GPS, And Bluetooth On

Leaving Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth on consistently will drain your battery. Leaving Wi-Fi on causes your phone to keep searching for a Wi-Fi network and by switching it off, you can save your battery as it will stop this activity.

GPS and Bluetooth are also self-updating and it is therefore suggested to switch these on only when you need them.

Keep Apps And Operating Systems Updated

Developers are always trying to optimize the performance of apps and different software systems. This means you should update your apps and software systems to help to reduce the device’s battery usage.

Display Adjustments

Manufacturers have competed to make the best screen for your phone since smartphones first hit the market. However, as the display consumes so much battery, this has been an issue for manufacturers as it consumes a lot more battery than other components of the phone.

Screen brightness has a major effect on battery consumption as having your screen too bright is often the cause of your battery dying fast. Therefore, decreasing this could be a simple fix.

Although certain apps and tasks require a brighter screen to concentrate on smaller details, most apps are usable with much lower brightness. Certain apps and websites have a night mode setting and this can also save battery life.

Avoid using live wallpapers and opt for darker, static wallpaper, especially if your phone features an AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display. 

If your phone allows you to customize the refresh rate, this could result in battery depletion too. A lot of modern phones, especially those premium and gaming versions allow this.

Using auto-lock can enhance overall battery life and by reducing the auto-lock duration, the phone’s screen will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity. This will result in decreased battery use.

Background Apps

Some apps run in the background when they are not in use. To find out which apps these are, head to settings and click on battery. If there are apps that you don’t tend to use very often but still consume a lot of your battery, consider removing them.

Delete unnecessary apps and only keep the ones you need.


Using numerous apps at the same time is now possible due to technological advances and the popularity of multitasking.

However, there are still some difficulties due to how intense some apps are. If your battery dies quickly, one cause could be that you’re using too many apps at the same time.

Inconsistent Service

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, perhaps on a camping trip or commuting long distances, you might notice an inconsistent service along the way.

As your phone is continually looking for reception and failing at the same time, this can drain your battery fast and it might be an idea to switch on airplane mode.

Uncustomized Notifications

If your phone is constantly pinging throughout the day, this could be what is draining your battery life. Notifications consume more battery than we realize as it takes up screen time, makes your phone vibrate, and makes a notification sound all at the same time.

Therefore, to enhance battery life perhaps turn off the vibration or the sound. Turning off the vibration is usually your best bet and if you’re not urgently waiting for news or an important message, put your phone on silent to enhance battery life further.

You can also decrease the number of notifications you receive. Group chats and apps we barely use can send unwanted notifications to your phone daily and apart from important notifications you still need to receive, we recommend muting all of the others.

You can mute these notifications from the specific app and you could also navigate to setting and tap on notifications to adjust. Enabling power-saving mode can also help handle notifications.

Old Battery

If your battery is old, faulty, or damaged, this could cause it to die fast and this goes for slow charging too. If the battery is over two years old, it has passed its life expectancy. If it is less than one year old, it indicates you haven’t charged it properly.

Phone batteries are Li-ion and discharging them completely can reduce how much energy they can carry.

Keep Track Of How Much You Use Your Phone

Some phones have known to die at four or five hours and this is a lot less than how the manufacturer designed them. However, users who report only this short amount of usage time aren’t aware of how they are using their phones and which apps they are using most.

To fix this issue, monitor how much you are using your phone per day and what you are using it for. If you’re using graphically intensive apps or watching videos and chatting frequently on messenger apps, decreasing this activity can significantly extend battery life. 

Final Thoughts

If your phone is charging slowly and dying fast, don’t think you have to go and buy a new phone right away. Simply making a few of these small changes we have mentioned in the article can help extend battery life and charge your phone faster.

A lot of the time it’s down to how we use our phone, whether that is using the phone whilst charging or watching too many videos, and adjusting this usage can be a simple fix!

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